1960s Hairstyles – Six Popular Coiffures in 1962

1960s Hairstyles - Six Summer Coiffures for 1962

Kennedy Era hairstyles for summer – 1. Simple Oval. Full and rounded with ends turned under, its becoming to all except round faces. Hair is the same length all over with ends tapered for a curved effect. It’s brushed back from a pivot point in centre of forehead with crown hair pushed forward for fullness …

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When Beehive Hairdos Ruled the Earth


The Woman who invented the Beehive – “It was an instant hit,” said Margaret Vinci Heldt, Chicago hairdresser and inventor of the iconic beehive hairdo “It made women feel taller, more elegant and seriously glamorous.” Amy Winehouse, Adele, even Marge Simpson all owe a debt to this lady. This is the short inside story to how …

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‘Sassoon Cut’ Triplets – New York 1964


New York triplets import Vidal Sassoon – Curled and puffed-up hair is out, and the smooth-and-sleek retro bobbed look is in. To make triply sure everybody gets the message straight, from London, here are the Dees sisters of New York. The Dees Triplets were featured some 9 years ago in Life Magazine the day they cut …

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Jackie Kennedy Style – January 1961


1960’s Style embraces the First Lady’s look – The spectacle of the First lady and her husband has set hearts racing for many reasons, but Jackie Kennedy fashion has set a look and style that is setting the national pace this year! College girls copy the Jackie style  casually, suburban housewives faithfully. Millinery shops are …

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The 1962 Fashion Shoot that launched the Swinging Sixties


Jean Shrimpton – David Baileys iconic Vogue photos – New York 1962 “She was magic. In a way she was the cheapest model in the world – you only needed to shoot half a roll of film and then you had it” – David Bailey on Jean Shrimpton. When British Vogue photographer David Bailey and …

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