How to be Confident | Vintage Beauty Guide 1962

How to be confident and attractive by being well composed, and checking those bad habits. Hollywood beauty artist Ern Westmore offers advice.

How to be attractive - vintage composure guide 1962
Stop fidgeting !

How to be Prettier – Vintage Masterclass Film

Good Composure makes you more attractive – Ern Westmore

Visualize yourself as you want to be – a self assured and self confident woman. By simply having a pretend conversation in front of a mirror, you can spot some of those nervous ticks and bad habits we all acquire and would like to lose.
Being confident is not just about feeling pretty. By knowing you look well composed and relaxed will increase your self confidence in other peoples company. They will feel you are self assured which in turn makes you more attractive.

Ern Westmore – Bad Composure Habits

Bad composure habits
Do you do any of these when chatting to a friend?

These are the actions of a very nervous woman who lacks poise and self control. Here’s how she looks after she has mastered self control over her composure.

  • Pursing your lips is a very bad habit to acquire. It not only distorts your pretty features but will eventually injure your lips.
  • Don’t scratch your nose when thinking. It’s very distracting.
  • Cracking your knuckles or twisting your rings or scraping your nail polish.
How to be attractive – Good Composure

These bad habits can be most unsightly and detract from your natural attractiveness.
If you’ll honestly analyze yourself, you’ll no doubt find that you are guilty of some of these bad habits. The only person who can help you, is you yourself.

So start today because the more self control you acquire, the happier your life will be, and you’ll prove there isn’t a woman in the world who can’t become more beautiful.

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