Photo Booth Selfies – A Century of Women

Photo booth selfies – women of the 20th century


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Back in July 2014 – the year of the Selfie, Glamourdaze took a look back to a time before smartphones and the magic of Photo booth selfies.
What we found was a treasure of portraits going back to the Edwardian Era. Google Photo booth women selfies and you’ll see a lot of other sites who followed with similar themed posts – such is the fickle hive mind of the world wide web, but why not !
So we decided to run it again, only this time we’ve added two more decades of photo booth portraits to complete a century! My own personal favorite is still of the young Edwardian lesbian couple stealing a secret kiss behind the curtain.
The photo sources are all to be found at the end of the post. If we’ve left any out – give us a shout.

Photo booth Selfies – 1900’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1920’s

A-Century-of-Photobooth-Selfies--1920s women

Photo booth Selfies – 1930’s

A-Century-of-Photobooth-Selfies--1930s women

Photo booth Selfies – 1940’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1950’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1960’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1970’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1980’s


Photo booth Selfies – 1990’s


That’s all !
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Photobooth Women – 1900 to 1970s
Walter Plotnick
Vintage Photobooth
The Long Way Home Diaries
Vintage Black Folks
Sparkle Neely
M Kasahara
Yan Basque

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