Vintage Makeup Brushes – Beauty Tutorial 1961

Hollywood beauty guru Ern Westmore demonstrates the different types of vintage makeup brushes from this 1961 beauty tutorial.

Vintage makeup brushes
Vintage makeup brushes

Every movie, television or stage star paints a portrait on their faces to define their features. Their face is their fortune. This is how you should value your facial appearance.
The days of finger daubing makeup are gone. Today you can brush your way to sheer beauty for the perfect 60’s party face.

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Vintage Makeup Brushes – 1961 Beauty Tutorial

Vintage 1960’s Beauty Tutorial – Makeup Brushes

A restored colorized film of Ern Westmore, who explains the value of using makeup brushes. From face brushes to lips brushes, here’s the lowdown for the perfect vintage makeup face.

Exfoliating face brush

the complexion brush
The Complexion brush

The first brush is ‘ the complexion brush’, the basis of all beauty. It not only cleanses, but it
stimulates circulation, which your skin must have for proper nourishment.

Eye-shadow brush

eye-shadow brush
Eye shadow brushes

For smooth artistry in applying eye shadow, do as many famous models do. Use a brush.
It’s a necessity, if you’re blending more than one eye color for a special eye catching effect.

Eyeliner brush

eyeliner brush
Apply eye liner with a brush

With this small sable eye lining brush,you can apply a thin line of liquid eye liner to back up your mascara
and make your lashes look fuller.

Foundation brushes for contouring

foundation brushes
Different foundation brushes for contouring

For applying different shades of makeup foundation for corrective highlights and shadows, get yourself a makeup brush kit for each shade of base. Apply them exactly to just where you want them.

Mascara brush

mascara brush or wand
Apply mascara with a brush

If you apply mascara with a brush of this type, or with a mascara wand, be sure it’s a clean one.
Always finish with a ‘clean’ eyelash brush, after your lashes are dry, to make them look soft and natural.

Eyebrow brush

eyebrow brush
Brush the brows prior and following eyebrow pencil

Now to achieve a natural and beautiful looking brow,an eyebrow brush is a must. Use it before applying
your eyebrow pencil, to clean and shape your brow.

Powder brush

powder brush
powder brush

The only way to remove excess powder for smooth results and without destroying your makeup, is with
a powder brush.

Lip brush

lip brush
apply lip rouge with a lip brush

The most important brush of all is your lip brush. You’ll find it well worth learning to use, if you want a truly beautiful lip line.

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