Steps to a Perfect Vintage Makeup Face

Vintage makeup tips every woman should learn


This example is for the oval face. Most of the rules for applying your makeup base, rouge, eye-shadow, lip liner and lip rouge can be used no matter what type of face shape you are.

Create the illusion of glamour, with these hard fast rules.

1. What types of makeup foundations are there?


There are three types of foundation. There is cake foundation, liquid foundation and there is cream foundation which can come in pan stick.

2. Rouge over Foundation


With cream or liquid foundation, always use a cream rouge. Dry rouge may be applied after powdering for that final blush. Our model here is an oval face. Blend rouge up over the cheek toward the temple. Carry it up lightly under the eye.

You should take time out to check that everything is well blended.
The base blended well down under the chin, around the sides of the neck and the cheek rouge is properly blended.

3. Eye-shadow Basics you should know


We only need two shades of eye shadow, brown and blue grey. And above everything else, it must be remembered that at all times, eye shadow must be applied sparingly.

4. Is it necessary to outline the eye for good makeup?


It is just as important to outline the eye as it is to frame a picture. Remember, the eyes are the windows of your soul. However you should never use an eyebrow pencil on your lower lid. Always use an eye liner brush. Never use anything but a shade of brown. Black is taboo and only ages and hardens your expression.

Now, let’s clean up under the eye.This is the region you powder first. I hope you all notice that neat trick of powdering above and below the eyes. Carefully blend your eye shadow and powder the upper lids next.

5.What is the best way to apply face powder?


The first thing a woman should determine is, whether she has any unusual prominent features. If you have a large nose, a prominent chin, a bulging forehead or very high cheekbones – powder these sections of the face last.

Always keep in mind, when your powder puff comes out of the box, it has an abundance of powder on it. Therefore it should first be applied to those sections of the face where you need to create a highlight.

Be sure to pat your face powder on. Don’t rub it, don’t scrub it and don’t try to remove any surplus powder with your puff. For excess powder, always use a powder brush.
Brush the powder off the forehead first, then the nose and over the eyes. Down under the chin but with upward strokes. Never brush the cheeks down, always up !

Next use a small toothbrush to brush the surplus powder from around your eyes. Here’s the time to wash the surplus powder off using a Q-tip saturated in water. Many women fail to do this and that’s a bad mistake.

6. How can I make my eyebrows look good naturally?


It should be remembered that the eyebrow is a most important feature of the face. It expresses every human emotion. A properly arched eyebrow is an important asset to every woman’s beauty.

Start at the inside corner of the eye and be sure the brow pencil is sharp. It is very important for the creation of fine hair stroke lines.

Create the proper arch above the brow with pencil. Next brush upwards and then down with the toothbrush.

7. How do you properly apply mascara?


In mascara there are any number of tones in browns and blacks. Never use any artificial shades.Use a scrupulously clean brush and apply lightly. Let the brush be moist with mascara but not dripping. To prevent under eye smudging apply it only to the upper lids. Using a little mascara at a time, apply it with light, easy upward strokes of the brush so that a smooth even coating is formed.

8. Rouge after Powder


Next we apply dry rouge. Never apply dry rouge over a moist face until you have powdered it. I prefer applying dry rouge using a medium size brush. It prevents buffiness and blends so much more beautifully.

Always remember to powder again after you apply dry rouge.

9. How do you make your lips look perfect?


Like baking a cake, you must follow these basic rules. Your lips must be clean of all other makeup and thoroughly dry to prevent your lip rouge from rolling. Apply lipstick to the upper lip first, then gently purse the lips together. This creates the correct outline on the lower lip for you to fill in.
Finish by applying lip rouge freely until your lips are filled. Be sure you blot your lips with cleansing tissue. Finally – never match your lip rouge with your nails. But you may if you choose match your nails to your lips!

1950s Makeup – Vintage Tutorial by Ern Westmore 1951

That’s all !
©Glamourdaze 2018
Original tutorial by Ern Westmore 1951

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