Sandra Dee’s Vintage 1960s Makeup Tips

Simple Makeup Tutorial from 1960

Vintage 1960s makeup tips from Hollywood actress Sandra Dee. Her teacher at Universal is the great Bud Westmore. The secret says Sandra is to look natural

Sandra Dee's 1960s Makeup Tips

Start with Nails

So her hands look prettier and nails won’t split, Sandra Dee applies polish, in pale shades of pearl. Then she uses colorless sealer over all

Sandra Dee's 1960s Makeup Tips - nails


She starts with liquid foundation, blending into the neck. Then she blots, so oily areas won’t shine. The final touch is to press on matching powder with a damp sponge which “sets” her foundation.

Sandra Dee's 1960s Makeup Tips - foundation

Lashes and Eye Shadow

With a spiral-brush wand, she applies brown mascara on upper lashes only; sometimes tips lashes with iridescent blue or green. She uses light brown pencil on brows; brushes on petroleum jelly at night. Sandra soothes her eyes with drops, makes them look larger with blue or green shadow. Using very little, she blends it up and out over the eyelid, for just a hint of shadow. She likes black liner too, blends this too.

Sandra Dee's 1960s Makeup Tips - eyes and lashes


Sandra had to practice to learn to use a lip brush. “I use my finger on chin to steady my hand”. It’s worth it to ensure a clean outline and no feather edges. She uses brush for outline, fills in color straight from the lipstick, and then blots with a tissue. She likes clear pastel reds.

Sandra Dee - 1960s makeup Tips - lips
For gentle line: bowed, rounded. Lips too full? Color inside. Lips too thin? Curve on fullness


Sandra shampoos every third day. She adds more highlights with a hairdressing and brisk brushing with a natural bristle brush. She finger waves her hair into place, turning front hair to form a hair bang. Occasionally a home permanent and finally the last touch – hairspray. Voila, she’s ready for the day.

Sandra Dee - 1960s makeup Tips - hair

The Complete 1960 Makeup Kit of Sandra Dee

Makeup Kit 1960 - Sandra Dee

  • 2 sable-tipped brushes; one for outlining a pretty mouth, the other for outlining eyes
  • Cylinder of mascara to swirl on lashes
  • Eyelash curler for that wide-eyed look
  • Eye pencil for expressive brows
  • Eye brush to keep brows neat
  • Glamour stick of eye shadow
  • Pressed powder compact
  • Ripply bobby pins that look like gold ( too pretty to hide)
  • Palm size hairbrush to tame the waves and keep them shining
  • Lipstick, as if you’d be without!
  • Cotton balls ( what can’t you use handy little things for?)
  • Spray perfume
  • Purse size hair spray for non-windblown look
  • String of pearls ( for unexpected dress up times)

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