Face Shapes – Hairstyles Do’s and Don’ts from the 1960’s

Ern Westmore‘s hair styling do’s and don’ts for face shapes. Miss Oval, Miss Square, Miss Round, Miss Oblong and Miss Triangle.

Face Shapes - Hairstyle Do's and Don'ts from the 1960's
Face Shapes

As you know, the oval face shape has been declared the ideal of feminine beauty by artists who portray it in marble, words or music. Now if yours is not the oval shape, don’t despair.
With the magic of corrective hair styling, we can create the illusion of the oval face by following the rules for each face shape

Hairstyles for Face Shapes |1960’s Film

Film – Ern Westmore’s hair styling guide 1962

Time needed: 2 minutes

Hair styling Do’s and Don’t for Face Shapes

  1. Oval Face

    Don’t part your hair too low on the side and don’t draw it back too tight at the temple. Dress the hair soft and full on the sides with a center parting.Oval face shape

  2. Round Face

    Don’t wear bangs or exaggerate its roundness with curls. Do create the illusion of length by dressing hair above the ears with a side parting. Also a dip on her forehead will minimize the roundness.round face shape

  3. Oblong Face

    To shorten this face, don’t wear hair high or use a center parting.Don’t pull it back at the sides. Do use a side part and dress the hair flat on top with fullness just above and below your ears.Miss Oblong Face

  4. Triangle Face

    Don’t dress your hair too high. Do use a side part and dress the hair just above the ears. Expose your forehead to create the illusion of an oval face shape.Miss Triangle Face

  5. Square Face

    Never wear your hair flat on top and pulled back at the temple. Avoid bangs because these lines broaden her square jawline. Use a side parting and dress your hair, softly curled below the ear. This diminishes the breadth of your jawline.

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