Beautiful 1940's Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood - Esther Williams, Jane Powell and Liz Taylor

Beautiful 1940’s Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood

Beautiful legs belonging to famous 1940’s Hollywood faces. Get a good legs workout before donning your favorite 1940’s swimsuits Summer with its bare-legged sun and fun clothes makes us suddenly conscious of our leg beauty, or the lack of it. We realize that for months we’ve devoted all of our care to our face, hair and hands. Our legs on…

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1940s Bathing Suits – Flirt with the Sun in 1948

1940s bathing suits 1948. Hollywood stars Cyd Charisse, Barbara Stanwyck and Jane Greer model the latest in 1940s swimsuits by top brands Jantzen and Mabs of Hollywood Beautiful 1940s Bathing Suit Styles to Inspire Marie McDonald has measurements which Hollywood producers, artists and at least one professor of anatomy and physical anthropology rate ideal. Here she sports a Caltex bathing…

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1940s Fashion – Summer Frock and Swimsuit Styles

Soft silhouettes for the Summer 1948 – Vanessa Brown poses in a flirty black ruffled bathing suit. It’s rayon jersey, so it has the flattering softness so many of us want. The back is faille, for firmness. it comes in pink, aqua, lime or yellow with black flounce and edging. By Sea Goddess. Carole King Dress air of charming…

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Competitive Swimsuit Styles in 1944

Life visits Lake Shore Swim Team Chicago 1944 Very few cities get as searingly hot in summer time as Chicago does. Even fewer cities have as many swimming facilities. More than 40 Outdoor public swimming pools and 15 Indoor. All summer long Chicago becomes one vast city of bathers trying to beat the heat and if you are a 1940s…

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The Trouble with the Bikini

Scant new French swimsuit arrives in the USA – Louis Réard, the French auto-mobile engineer and now fashion designer may well be cursed by some women since his invention of the Bikini swimsuit. A scanty two piece which leaves little to the imagination and is all the rage in France. Hollywood has adopted it as we can see from some of…

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1940s War Era influence on Swimsuit Style

Looming War impacts 1940s Swimsuits – Just months before the US entry into war, it appeared that patriotism was already taking a hold in the imaginations of American designers. From hats to sandals to swimsuits, the girls love it in the same way they love a parade. Swimwear is red, white and blue this year. By good fortune, the national colors make…

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The Perfect Retro Style Swimsuit for your figure

Retro Swimsuit Info-graphic  from Unique Vintage – Click to download full resolution: Our friends at Unique Vintage – that fine purveyor of all things retro for women of taste have a very clever info-graphic to help you choose the perfect swimwear to suit your body shape. Swimsuit for Small Bust Small Bust? No problem – choose swimsuits adorned with lovely…

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Ann Rutherford – Beauty and the Beach 1941

Enjoy the sun, sand and sea … and bring your lipstick and mascara! – 1940s beauty report – Denise Caine  for There can be something pretty bewitching about a girl on a sunny beach, as these pictures of Ann Rutherford ( Andy hardy / Gone with the Wind star and soon to be seen in Pride & Prejudice from…

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1940’s Fashion – Swimwear Styles of the Stars – June 1940.

1940s swimwear designs. The dressmaker suit is trumps in the new ultra-swim worthy offerings that can either go to sea – or be seen! Deanna Durbin, who’ll lead the eagerly-awaited “Spring Parade”, likes this one featuring a swing skirt and a halter that fastens in front, where the blue and red stripes are manipulated to create a pattern. How delightful!…

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Vintage Swimwear – Be a Retro Bathing Beauty

A short illustrated and film history of Women’s Vintage Swimwear. 1940 swimsuit Retro Swimsuit from What Katie Did Also check out out The Vintage Swimwear Fashion Guide Vintage Swimwear – A short history on film In the early 20th century, folks didn’t go swimming – they went bathing – which literally meant paddling up to the knees and no more…

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