Competitive Swimsuit Styles in 1944

Life visits Lake Shore Swim Team Chicago 1944


Very few cities get as searingly hot in summer time as Chicago does. Even fewer cities have as many swimming facilities. More than 40 Outdoor public swimming pools and 15 Indoor.


All summer long Chicago becomes one vast city of bathers trying to beat the heat and if you are a 1940s swimsuit style fan, you will be in your element.

American-Ballet Swimmer---Swimsuits-of-1944

The sportive young girls demonstrating their water ballet formations on this post are all members of Chicago’s Lake Shore Swimming team – one of the best in the US.

American-Swimmer-Lakeshore Swim Team with Photographer Jack Wilkes 1944
American-Swimmer-Lake Shore Swim Team Chicago with Photographer Jack Wilkes 1944

Life Magazine sent along along photographer Jack Wilkes to capture them in practice. Not a difficult job for any man to do, being surrounded by a group of pretty girls, all wearing the latest in swimsuit styles.


Chicago lake Shore Swimming team – Diver

Their impressive list of honours include five national and 33 local swimming and diving titles, as well as national water ballet championships. Lets enjoy watching the girls as they train both on land and in water for their next events.

Stars of the team are the Wilson Sisters. Lilian, who is 19 years old, is captain of the team and US freestyle champion . Jeanne, 18, holds four titles
Ballet Team inventing some new formations which they perfect on dry land at first and then try out in the pool.
Handstands are practised, not as part of any ballet routine, but to give girls balance and poise.

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