Ann Rutherford – Beauty and the Beach 1941

Enjoy the sun, sand and sea … and bring your lipstick and mascara! –

1940s beauty report – Denise Caine  for


There can be something pretty bewitching about a girl on a sunny beach, as these pictures of Ann Rutherford ( Andy hardy / Gone with the Wind star and soon to be seen in Pride & Prejudice from MGM ).
That big hat of Anne’s looks mighty fetching, doesn’t it? But it’s just as sensible as it is becoming to a pretty feminine face.
You see Ann doesn’t believe in letting a ‘sun’ day at the beach spoil her good looks.


She starts out without a hat, then when she’s taken the sun for no more than a half hour, she slips it on – to project her neck and shoulders!
Your shoulders do not need freckles – they are not becoming in an evening dress.
Ann suns her legs and arms for another half hour and then retreats beneath the shade of a voluminous umbrella.


“My hat protects my hair, too, keeps it from drying out or becoming over oily” says Ann ” but I also think a hat can make a girl alluring when on a beach”
“I’m not the type of girl who thinks a day on the beach means going completely natural, without lipstick or powder! I pat powder on my nose – it both protects it and is pretty. No girl needs a tanned nose- believe me!”

Ann uses a protective powder base first, one sthat keeps her makeup on evenly while swimming, and helps keep her pert nose from peeling or freckling.
“Lipstick is a big help too”, explains Ann ” because it keeps my lips smoothly soft, prevents their burning or chapping. A clear red or bright pink is very attractive when worn with your favourite swimsuit!”


Ann goes on to enthuse to me about the virtues of wearing makeup at the beach.
“A bit of creamy eyeshadow spread lightly over your lids will glint nicely in the sun, and help protect the tender skin from burning. A light tan on my cheeks is all I’m prepared to get. ”
“You needn’t be afraid of mascara either!” she laughs.
“Mascara?” I exclaim
” Oh yes – but don’t over do it, just a little touch or it will be running down your cheeks.”
I use a tiny dot and brush it upwards on my upper lids. Then I take a clean brush and separate each lash with short upward strokes. Mascara applioed this way I find stays on in any conditions, even in the bath. I always like my eyes to look their prettiest!”

Please notice that little Miss Rutherford isn’t hiding her pretty legs under the beach towel or the sand.She calls further attention to their prettiness with a pink nail polish matching that which she wears on her hands. And you can bet your last cent that her nail polish will harmonize perfectly with her lipstick – even though it’s not precisley the same shade!



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