Beautiful 1940’s Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood

Beautiful legs belonging to famous 1940’s Hollywood faces. Get a good legs workout before donning your favorite 1940’s swimsuits

Beautiful 1940's Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood
Beautiful legs in 1940’s swimsuits – Trudy Marshall, Jeanne Crain, Gale Robbins, June Haver, and Mary Anderson

Summer with its bare-legged sun and fun clothes makes us suddenly conscious of our leg beauty, or the lack of it. We realize that for months we’ve devoted all of our care to our face, hair and hands. Our legs on the other hand have been covered by stockings. We’ve added perhaps an extra inch above the knees, allowed a little peach fuzz to grow, and have even acquired a few offensive calluses on our heels.

1940’s Legs Workout

Beautiful 1940's Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood - Esther Williams, Jane Powell and Liz Taylor
Beautiful 1940’s Swimsuit Legs of Hollywood – Esther Williams, Jane Powell and Liz Taylor

Just for inspiration, we’ve highlighted here some good examples of star leg grooming. Their methods are simple. Have a good look at your pins in the mirror. Decide what your particular problem is. Let’s start at the thigh line, and work down to the toes. Consider every point.

Thigh exercises for women

If you’re a little overweight all over, a general diet will help those thighs. If you are well proportioned except for this point, use this exercise daily. Raise your knee as high as your waist. With your toes pointed, slowly straighten your leg. Now the other leg.

Jane Russell and Betty Grable displaying their swimsuit legs

Do cream your knees as regularly as you do your hands and elbows to keep the skin soft and supple. if they are a trifle dark you might apply a bleaching lotion. A little dark hair may be made inconspicuous by bleaching, even if your are dark skinned. Otherwise remove it with creams, a new wax, or fine sandpaper designed for this purpose.

Beautiful-1940's-Swimsuit-Legs-of-Hollywood--Jeanne Crain
Stunning Jeanne Crain models a 1940’s swimsuit

Massage your calves firmly, starting from the ankle. This is a gradual process but very effective. Your ankles, too, may be reduced by the simple exercise of rotating them first in one direction, then the other. Use creams and oils to soften little hard spots on ankles and heels. Why not get a good pedicure? A good tip is a cooling mentholated lotion. Remember, too, the fastidious are frank in using deodorant or antiperspirant cream.

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