1940s Fashion – Summer Frock and Swimsuit Styles

Soft silhouettes for the Summer 1948 –


Vanessa Brown poses in a flirty black ruffled bathing suit. It’s rayon jersey, so it has the flattering softness so many of us want. The back is faille, for firmness. it comes in pink, aqua, lime or yellow with black flounce and edging. By Sea Goddess.

Carole King Dress 1948

Carole King Dress ..an air of charming simplicity in rayon shantung(silk) print.

Actress Jean Simmons models a summer frock

Jean Simmons poses in a patio dress. It’s a two piece cotton with a gathered bodice which can be worn with a gathered bodice which can be worn on or off your shoulder. Get it now at Gimbels New York .


Bareback …and the price includes matching jacket ! Wear this adorable cuffed-top, swirl-skirted sun dress to show off your figure and of course your lovely tan ! Yellow, pink or white from Teen Timers.
Sun-back ..and you also get a matching jacket ! It’s the new look sun-dress with the new shoulder covering collar that’s a sailor collar in the back. Made in denim in faded blue, dark blue or red from Juniorite.


Smarty Pants ..and the price includes a gold belt. Very smart shorts in hand blocked printed butcher rayon. Green, navy or brown by Loom togs.

Catalina Swimsuit1948

Sophisticated Stripes for you who like the poured-in look of this one-piece streamlined Catalina swimsuit. Satin Lastex for the body beautiful – blazed in singing stripes of red royal or navy on white. ( p.s it’s even better if you can swim too !).

Ruffled bra with skirt swimsuit

Pretty Print for you who like the impertinent air of a short riffled skirt and a ruffled bra. Skirt buttons down back to give you a cute look from the rear; has jersey underpants. Gay printed cotton, in turquoise and pink; lime and pink – by Brilliant.


Satin and Slick .. to get you plenty of attention on the beach. Glamorously printed with a vivid Spanish scene. Slipper satin and woven Lastex, with a nice strong cling. White, with your choice of black or royal blue back, by Nanina.

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Modern Screen 1948

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