1930s Spring Fashion from Hollywood

1936 April styles feature – Joan Crawford shows you a hat in blue suede, in a delicate light shade, Joan’s favorite. The band is navy blue. The hat is from John Fredericks, at which shop she bought more than thirty items. A tailored suit designed by Irene for Joan Crawford, is of black and white check. Notice the flap which…

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Elizabeth Hawes – The Fashion Anarchist

Visionary designer forerunner to Dior – In 1938, a young American female fashion designer named Elizabeth Hawes, an author, a journalist, a political activist and union organiser with the foresight of Chanel and Dior and a razor sharp wit that made her the Dorothy Parker of fashion, published a book called Fashion is Spinach, a long forgotten fore runner of The Devil…

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Two summer gowns by Joan Crawford in 1931

1930s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Frocks 1931

Hollywood sets the 1930s mode – Lilyan Tashman‘s Style Lovely Lilyan Tashman starts off our little fashion show with these two stunning outfits. Left: Miss Tashman in a spectator sport costume of dust blue and white. Over a frock of dust blue roma crepe, bound with silk braid at the hem, Miss Tashman wears a sports jacket of white suede….

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1930s Fashion – Winter Suits in 1936

Hollywood’s latest styles in suits and coats – Claudette Colbert, caught in color on her way to the races at Santa Anita, in a sports outfit designed by Irene of Bullocks Wilshire. Her coat is a vibrant green with red-brown flared skirt and lumber jacket blouse of dull raspberry. A pheasant’s feather trims her smart hat poised above her burnished…

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Autumn Modes – Fall Fashion in 1930

Hollywood’s Loretta Young poses – 1.To the left above, Miss Loretta Young wears a stunning new fall coat modelled of brown duvet with seams forming the new princess line. Kolinsky cuffs and collar add a touch of luxurious warmth. To the right, a smart street frock worn by Miss Young boasts cap sleeves embroidered in French knots of silk chenille,…

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Vintage Swimsuit Fashion

Hollywood bathing suits and pyjamas 1930 – The newest in backless and sideless bathing suits demonstrated by Hollywood’s loveliest ladies. Above left Virginia Bruce wears a suit of red and white – the perfect eye catcher for the California sun. Stripes will be worn with plain trunks as also indicated by the new bathing suit of Anita Page on the…

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Rationing to Ravishing – Fashion from the 1940s to the 1950s

Evolution of Women’s Style in the 1940s and 1950s – A Vintage Fashion Exhibition curated by the Museum of Vancouver features stunning haute couture clothing garments by some of the great fashion designers from Paris, London, Berlin and New York, which pretty much covers the pole points of couture during that era. The exhibition is comprised from collections by fashion collectors Ivan…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood styles go white under the sun

Hollywood Tries White Magic for Summer 1934- 1930s Fashion By Seymour for Glamourdaze.com THERE’S a childish lilt to Mary Carlisle‘s white gob hat with its navy blue streamers, but her reefer coat is nautical sophistication to its last nickel button! Mary has chosen her accessories skilfully – she matches the blue braid on her coat with a navy handbag, scarf…

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The 1930s – The Golden Age of Glamour for Women’s fashion.

  The 1930s –  The Golden Age of Glamour for Women’s fashion. Often regarded as some sort of stop gap between the 1920s and the 1940s, the 1930s fashion era is often overlooked as a significant decade for style. Despite the Depression, it is remembered as the era of escapism, glamorous Hollywood starlets adorning billboards and as the halcyon days…

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1930s Fashion – The Definitive sourcebook

1930s Fashion – The Definitive Sourcebook Long overdue and very welcome comes this visual treat for all 1930s fashion fans out there. If you are not yet sold on the glamor and Art deco resplendence that was 1930s style, then this book will give you an epiphany! Published by Goodman Feill for £30 – it’s available from Carlton Books Decade…

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