Autumn Modes – Fall Fashion in 1930

Hollywood’s Loretta Young poses –


1.To the left above, Miss Loretta Young wears a stunning new fall coat modelled of brown duvet with seams forming the new princess line. Kolinsky cuffs and collar add a touch of luxurious warmth.
To the right, a smart street frock worn by Miss Young boasts cap sleeves embroidered in French knots of silk chenille, making a contrast to the dull black of the crepe gown. The French felt off-the-face hat with the broader side brim adds to the smartness of the ensemble.


2. To the left, Miss Loretta Young is wearing a chic coat of black broadcloth collared and cuffed with red fox. A hat made in the tan fashion of black felt and trimmed with grosgrain ribbon, together with bag and shoes with light tan trim, complete the ensemble.
To the right Miss Young is in an informal dinner or formal afternoon frock of black chiffon with a yoke of cream rose point lace. the lace forms a cap sleeve while there is a longer sleeve of the chiffon which falls over the hand.

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New Movie 1930

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