Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas

Vintage Photos of Women at Christmas Continuing our trawl of found fashion photographs, here are some photos of 20th Century Women at Christmas. The originals of which you will find on Ebay for sale. If you’re lucky! Here we picked some of our favorites spanning from the 1980s all the way back to 1910. 1980s …

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1930s Makeup Tricks for Spring


Hollywood actresses makeup rituals – 1.Eleanor Powell uses two shades of powder which gives her skin a translucent glow. She is seen applying first the darker,then the light powder. 2.A camels hair brush dusts off the excess. 3.Eleanor’s rouge gives her cheeks a suffused glow designed to be in harmony with her chosen lip color. …

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Three One Minute Vintage Beauty Exercises


Amusing 1930s exercises that actually work – The second in a short series of perusals of vintage beauty booklets – this one again from a 1930s beauty booklet by Rose Laird. This comes courtesy of Cosmetics and Skin – whose growing collection of scanned beauty booklets is a treat to browse through. Three One-Minute Exercises …

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Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Simple 1930 Color Harmony Tool

Vintage 1920s/1930s color matching guide – These handy little color harmony charts fell out of my copy of The Art of Sewing and Dress Creation, a manual sold with the Sears clothing catalogues in 1929 and 1930. The Brunette Type Your color – Black or brown hair, brown or black eyes, olive skin – Makeup …

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1930s Fashion – Spring Lines for 1931


A preview of Hollywood Spring styles – 1930s fashion report by Rosalind Shaffer With the overwhelming changes in fashions that have taken place during the past year, women have been jarred out of all the pleasant paths of fashion in which they have been accustomed to walk. On all sides is the wail, ” The …

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1930s Fashion – Winter Modes of 1938


Corseted suits and stylish felt hats from Britain – Hollywood Style Report by Gwen Walters. Left:Jeanette MacDonald leads off on our feature posing in this stunning frost pink evening ensemble from her personal wardrobe. The slipper satin jacket conceals the softly draped bodice of the flowing chiffon gown. Miss MacDonalds cape is of silver fox. …

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Vintage Swimsuit Fashion


Hollywood bathing suits and pyjamas 1930 – The newest in backless and sideless bathing suits demonstrated by Hollywood’s loveliest ladies. Above left Virginia Bruce wears a suit of red and white – the perfect eye catcher for the California sun. Stripes will be worn with plain trunks as also indicated by the new bathing suit …

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1930’s Inspired Bridal Hair and Makeup


Be a 1930’s Bride on your big day – 1930s Fashion report – by Cassie Brewer – Makeup Artist If you’re thinking of channeling your inner 1930’s starlet for your big day–Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, Mae West, and Carole Lombard–you’ve come to the right place. The iconic and attainable looks of these women–a mixture of soft features, …

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Hollywood Diets of the Stars – Vintage Secrets


New book reveals secrets of the stars – The Hollywood Diet and Fitness book. In the golden age of Hollywood glamour – before celebrities’ least flattering photos were routinely splashed across tabloid papers – the great stars of the silver screen were portrayed as goddesses – visions of flawlessness. The eating habits and daily fitness …

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