Vintage Geisha Girls – 1930’s Fashion film in color

Geisha Girls in 1930’s color fashion film This beautiful 1930s color fim shows three Japanese women in traditional geisha style. The history of the Geisha makeup The apprentice geisha are called Maiko, and in the film, an excerpt from James Fitzpatricks famous 1930s travelogues, we see an older geisha being attended to by her Okasans …

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Rare 1930’s Colour Fashion Film


Technicolor Fashion from 1930 Presenting some of the ‘ latest ‘ Paris fashion creations from early 1930’s. 1930s hats, frocks, evening wear and suits by King’s El Centro, California, 1931.Originally broadcast by Fashion Features Studios. 1930’s Spring suit – worn by Miss Phyllis Crane 1930’s Fashion Show  – Colour Archive Film Notice the tailored cutaway …

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Helena Rubinstein 1920’s Beauty Advice


Helena Rubinsteins Beauty Advice Below is a unique vintage 1940’s beauty and makeup guide followed by some quotes from the famous Helena Rubinstein, originally published in December of 1922 .Enjoy! By that stage, she had been a beauty specialist for nearly thirty years and was hugely famous, with salons in London, Paris, and other European …

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Shiseido – The 1930’s Japanese Beauty Culture


Shiseido – The History of the Japanese Beauty Culture Memoirs of a Geisha Girl reminded the world of just how steeped in the beauty culture Japanese women have been since ancient times. Lip rouging such as the Komachi Beni style had been around for centuries. Like Max Factor in the USA, in Japan, there is …

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Vintage 1930’s Makeup Skincare Guide


Daily Beauty Rituals 1937 1930’s Makeup and Skincare Guide with Constance Bennett. Produced for the Educational Films Corporation of America. Ms Bennett starts her day with a good bath, prepared of course by her attending house maid !! “Before starting off, one should start off with a clean slate as it were!” “Stimulation is the …

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1930’s Makeup Revisited


1930’s Vintage Makeup Guide By and large the most fascinating period in women’s fashion.Beginning with the art deco style that spilled over from the late 1920’s. The feminine makeup look changed rapidly from the late 1920’s and in to the 1930’s. Gone was the coquettish girl of the late victorian era, to a more independent …

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Makeup History – The Makeup Look from 1910’s to 1950’s


1900 Makeup Look Makeup Look 1920’s Makeup Look 1930’s Makeup Look 1940s Makeup Look 1950’s The Vintage Make-up Guide . To get the genuine vintage looks and styles of 1920s make-up, 1930s make-up, 1940s make-up and the 1950s makeup  – visit Vintage Make-up Guides ! MAKE-UP TIMELINE – The Makeup Look from 1910’s to 1950’s …

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Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein


The Three Giants of Cosmetics During the early years of the 20th century, make-up became fashionable in the United States of America and Europe due to the huge influence of Ballet, Theatre and the Movie stars of Hollywood. Chief amongst the make-up wizards who helped develop cosmetics into a global mass market were Max Factor …

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Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup


Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup A little digging into the history of that popular makeup accessory. While lip rouging has been around for centuries, like the Japanese Komachi beni lip makeup. Lip makeup entered mass production after becoming widely popular when the Lipstick was invented (purportedly) by Maurice Levy in 1915 a …

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