Make-up History – Hazel Bishop’s 1950’s Stay-on Lipsticks

Make-up History – Hazel Bishops Stay-on Lipstick . The First Permanent lipstick invented by a forgotten genius. When you think of make-up innovations, you immediately call to mind Max Factor, and rightly so. He did after all invent lip gloss. Lip make-up was until after World War Two, still considered a beauty accessory, rather than …

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Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup


Lipstick Glamour – The History of Lip Makeup A little digging into the history of that popular makeup accessory. While lip rouging has been around for centuries, like the Japanese Komachi beni lip makeup. Lip makeup entered mass production after becoming widely popular when the Lipstick was invented (purportedly) by Maurice Levy in 1915 a …

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