Vintage 1930’s Makeup Skincare Guide

Daily Beauty Rituals 1937
1930’s Makeup and Skincare Guide with Constance Bennett.

Produced for the Educational Films Corporation of America. Ms Bennett starts her day with a good bath, prepared of course by her attending house maid !!

“Before starting off, one should start off with a clean slate as it were!”
“Stimulation is the basis for a good skin treatment.”

Ms Bennett starts with an exfoliating Cinnamon cream, followed by a complexion mask.

“If you take an evening bath instead, why not leave your mask on while preparing breakfast !”


  • 1930’s make-up Foundation

She then applies pre-foundation moisturizer, which she calls her glow base.

” I’d be lost without my Glow Base !! “
” This is very important to all of us women, because the only time we’re not
on parade is the time we spend in front of our dressing tables.”

  • 1930’s Rouge Make-up

Then Cream Rouge to follow.

It blends far more easily than compact powder rouge. Then finish with powder.

” Sometimes I don’t use powder at all, just my glow base, it gives my skin a nice lustrous glow!”

  • 1930’s Lipstick makeup

Then finally – lipstick.

” I’d like to say this about lipstick – for years I’ve bought every one
I’ve ever heard about,but I either ate them all up with my food,
or left them on the cheeks of my son when I kissed him good night or good morning.
Never did any part stay on me – most discouraging.”

Ms Bennett finishes up with –
” Remember – to be beautiful and natural is a birthright of every woman !”
” I wish you all loads and loads of loveliness and good luck! “

As a vintage makeup guide goes, this is a tad naff, but certainly charming

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  2. This is a beautiful example of a vintage guide to beauty. Constance Bennett was so glamourous. Hollywood invented glamour I think

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