Rare 1930’s Colour Fashion Film

Presenting some of the ‘ latest ‘ Paris creations from early 1930’s womens dress. Gowns and Frocks by King’s El Centro, California, 1931.Originally broadcast by Fashion Features Studios.

1930’s Spring suit – worn by Miss Phyllis Crane

1930’s Fashion Show  – Colour Archive Film

Notice the tailored cutaway and clever stitching.Also, note that the tuck in blouse and lining of the jacket carry out a fine stripe, which promises to be very good this spring.

1930’s Afternoon Frock – worn by Miss Mary Philbin.

This model is an adaptation of a Chanel, featuring the new length, the moulded hip line and the high waist. It is fashioned from imported net, printed in a dainty green and white design.A soft caped collar enhances the shoulder line.

1930’s Sports suit – worn by Miss Polly Walker

A lovely rose shade.This three piece ensemble is ideal for sport wear. Notice the new blouse long jacket, fitting snugly over the hips when buttoned. Won’t this be ideal on the lakes this spring?

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  1. This is very cute. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read El Centro, California. I knew that famous people used to stay at the Barbara Worth Hotel, but I never expected to see a movie star fashion show connected with my hometown.
    I'm enjoying your blog after a long absence.

  2. You must be a vintage video whisperer. How do you find some of these? Once again- a lovely video. Thanks!