The 1940’s Makeup and Beauty Guide

1940’s Makeup and Beauty guides.

Want to be a 1940’s bombshell beauty ? Then this fabulous and beautifully restored 1940s make-up and beauty book by famous Hollywood make-up artists, is the answer. No better way to achieve the 1940s pin-up girl look of this glamorous decade, than to learn from the masters.

Beautiful and inspiring.
Restored and colourfully illustrated, learn the art of 1940s pin-up makeup as taught by the famous Westmore Brothers. The defined make-up and beauty style of the war years was a no holds barred luscious mouth, prominent eyebrows and glorious long hair, often tied up in the now famous war-time up-dos, but there are many trade secrets that women of that era learned that are not commonly known today.

The magic word in the 1940s was glamour, and women strenuously sought after it. This detailed book is a goldmine of information and you’ll feel like a graduate in 1940s beauty culture when you’ve finished reading it.

What is Beauty ? What is Glamour ?
Pin up girl makeup styles
1940s style tips
Make-up and glamour for your skin type.
How to restore beauty.
1940s eye makeup tips.
Do’s and Don’t s for your face shape
Correct hairstyles for your face type
Correct Make-up for your eyes, nose and lips
The correct way to apply make-up
Glasses versus Glamour !

and so much more !

Natural 1940s beauty explained, 1940’s Glamour defined, 1940s Glamour as a style of thought !
How to look younger in just one hour ! How to have the perfect skin, before applying the perfect 1940s make-up look – it’s all in this bumper book of 1940s beauty wisdom.
Make-up and Beauty – A 1940s guide is a treat for any true 1940s style enthusiast and a treasure trove of ideas. A real trip back in time to a glamorous era. Treat yourself or your best girlfriend.
You can also get the Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all 1920’s, 1930s, 1940’s and 1950’s guides. A real bargain!

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