Shiseido – The 1930’s Japanese Beauty Culture

Shiseido – The History of the Japanese Beauty Culture

Memoirs of a Geisha Girl reminded the world of just how steeped in the beauty culture Japanese women have been since ancient times. Lip rouging such as the Komachi Beni style had been around for centuries. Like Max Factor in the USA, in Japan, there is one name that has come to be associated with glamour and that is Shiseido Cosmetics ! Their beauty products grace many large department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Sephora at their cosmetic counters or online.

But how many folks know the glamorous history of this unique company? Following the lead of companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Shiseido opened the Shiseido Parlour in Tokyo.

To gain loyalty among women, they marketed calendars, beauty manuals – like the one below, and seasonal promotional items like fans, compacts, and vanity cases.

Shiseido Beauty Manual – 1930’s Makeup in Japan.

Shiseido Graph – 1930’s Fashion and Beauty Magazine

Shiseido Beauty Products – 1930’s

Shiseido Promotional products

Gennifer Weisenfeld , who is Associate Professor of Art History at Duke University in the US, has written a fascinating essay called Selling Shiseido hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of their Visualising Cultures educational scheme. It’s a treat to read.

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