1930s Fashion – Summer Styles Hollywood 1931

1930s Movie Style Inspiration – Perhaps you have been doing it for years – perhaps it is a new thought. But don’t you find that animated fashion tips from the screen put a new zest into your shopping routine? There is something about seeing a costume in action that dramatizes the details. You want so badly to wear that frock,…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Bridal Costumes

Here Comes the Bride – Left: For the very youthful bride Mary Brian offers a likely combination of souffle, lace and apple blossoms. The frock, which is delightfully jeune fille, is a piece of delicate workmanship, merging silken lace and cream souffle, into graceful lines. The veil is a shower of souffle, utilizing a band of cream satin to form…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Fall Styles in 1937

1930’s Style Report by Carolyn Wicks – Just look at lovely June Clayworth who offers us some interesting new styles from her Autumn wardrobe. From the left, this checked knit dress has yellow and green predominating. To the right, the leather bows on this black wool dress are very new. A leather hat matches the trimming. Gail Patrick in a…

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1930s Fashion – A Hollywood Summer Wardrobe

Clothes for Daytime and Playtime July 1932 1930s Fashion Report for Glamourdaze. Adrienne Dore is 5 feet 4 . Her golden blonde curls and green eyes furnish the basis for a number of interesting color combinations here. She’s slim but by no means thin, likes to wear clothes that make her look taller. She buys all her clothing in the…

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1930s Fashion – Winter Modes of 1938

Corseted suits and stylish felt hats from Britain – Hollywood Style Report by Gwen Walters. Left:Jeanette MacDonald leads off on our feature posing in this stunning frost pink evening ensemble from her personal wardrobe. The slipper satin jacket conceals the softly draped bodice of the flowing chiffon gown. Miss MacDonalds cape is of silver fox. Right:Alice Faye wears a short…

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1930s Fashion Spotlight – Tala Birell

Two vintage outfits for the Tall Slim Girl – Nov 1932 – If you are a small girl with a retrousse nose, well and good. You’ll find plenty of stars are of that description and their clothes ideas will help you out. But if you have a tall graceful figure, oval shape and well defined features you may have more…

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1930s Fashion – The Debs Winter Wardrobe

Romantic winter modes for 1931 – We asked actresses Marian Marsh, Loretta Young, Ruth Hall and Estelle Taylor and Karen Morley to model what the fashionable young woman will be wearing to college this winter. The girls went to Manhattan to select their favourite outfits to stroll Park Avenue in. Loretta Young models a fur coat that is oh so young…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood Winter Wardrobe

Clara Bow and Joan Crawford model their choices – Nov 1930 – Russia is the inspiration of the smart suit worn by Joan Crawford. Made in the Russian manner of Forstmann’s Zenita, a novelty fabric, the suit reveals cartridge trimmings on the sleeves and at the front of the belted-in knee-length coat. All this lends a military air, while the skirt…

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Joan Crawford Dress – by Russell Patterson – 1931

1930’s All in One Dress – by Artist Russell Patterson – Well known stylist Russell Patterson designed this ‘all in one’ outfit for actress Joan Crawford. He is best remembered for his famous magazine covers in the 1920’s along with artists such as Coles Phillips and John Held Jr. This Modern Screen review from November 1931 was aimed at all…

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1930s Fashion – Hollywood bids farewell to the Short Skirt

Skirt hems drop dramatically in January 1930 – What did Hollywood most glamorous women think of the new longer skirt fashion of 1930 which heralded the beginning of the austere era? Photoplay Reporter Lois Shirley reports for Glamourdaze and shares the opinions of nine of the outstanding women of the screen – Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Nancy Carroll,…

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