1930s Fashion – Hollywood Winter Wardrobe

Clara Bow and Joan Crawford model their choices – Nov 1930 –


Russia is the inspiration of the smart suit worn by Joan Crawford. Made in the Russian manner of Forstmann’s Zenita, a novelty fabric, the suit reveals cartridge trimmings on the sleeves and at the front of the belted-in knee-length coat. All this lends a military air, while the skirt blends with the tailored style.


Black satin pyjamas, such as Clara Bow is wearing to the left, are just the thing for the afternoon in the drawing room. Over the pleated trousers and Basque Miss Bow dons a white shawl fringed in white silk and embroidered in black jet. For those more private moments in her boudoir, Clara dons this gorgeous pair of silk and lace pyjamas, beautifully embroidered.


The stunning evening gown worn by Joan Crawford was designed by Adrian. made of crepe Elizabeth, this gown is fashioned with a slenderizing waistline and curved hip-line pattern. The dress ends at the floor in front and has a sweeping train at the back. beads, hand sewn onto the cowl neckline and adding weight to the drape at the back, lend a delicate richness to the costume. The wrap is also of crepe Elizabeth.
To the right Miss Crawford presents the newest thing in woolen frocks. Here Joan has chosen a Forstmann’s chiffon worsted material done in the approved tunic style with touches of white on the collar, belt buckle and cuffs. A close fitting styled cloche hat becomes this type of dress !


A charming retiring outfit is worn by Clara Bow to the left. Created of pink satin, lace and ermine. A short sleeved jacket bound with ermine is worn over the one-piece pyjamas. The pyjamas are girdled with silver and trimmed with ecry lace.
The Empire line is very much evident in this gown worn to the right by Miss Bow. The high waist line, accented with blue velvet pleats of the blue chiffon skirt to fall straight to the floor. A striped metal jacket with jaunty fox-trimmed sleeves gives added effectiveness to the costume.

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Originally posted November 1930.
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