1930s Fashion – A Hollywood Summer Wardrobe

Clothes for Daytime and Playtime July 1932

1930s Fashion Report for Glamourdaze.

Adrienne Dore is 5 feet 4 . Her golden blonde curls and green eyes furnish the basis for a number of interesting color combinations here. She’s slim but by no means thin, likes to wear clothes that make her look taller. She buys all her clothing in the same few Hollywood fashion stores. “I never shop around,” she declares. “If you go to the same shops, time and time again, they get to know you, your figure, your tastes, and they let you know when something in your style comes in.”



It looks like play, but it may mean work –
Above:Adrienne Dore’s sporty boating costume – velveteen trousers, striped jersey sweater, brushed wool beret, anklets and sneakers. This is Adrienne’s favourite summer outfit actually !


Left:Beach pyjamas that are soft and feminine are her choice for the California sands. These are made of rough grey roshanara crepe with a contrasting sash of double black chiffon. They’re the utmost in comfort.
Middle:Adrienne goes dancing summer evenings in this charming flowered crepe frock with its little Embassy jacket, wide-sleeved and tied at a high waistline. Pink and green flowers on a pale yellow background enhance her blonde, green-eyed loveliness.
Right:Smart sports costumes on simple tailored lines are a foil for Adrienne’s feminine features. The jacket costume for golf, boating or even the Olympic Games is carried out in flag colors.


Left:White wool crepe contrasts with a roman striped bodice for a daytime summer frock. The little bolero jacket is removable and white accessories include a brimmed hat.
Right:A white wool cap is worn with the white sweater with red and blue trim and box pleated skirt.

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