1930s Fashion Spotlight – Tala Birell

Two vintage outfits for the Tall Slim Girl – Nov 1932 –

If you are a small girl with a retrousse nose, well and good. You’ll find plenty of stars are of that description and their clothes ideas will help you out.
But if you have a tall graceful figure, oval shape and well defined features you may have more difficulty in finding a model to work from.
Tala Birell is five feet six – far above the general movie star average and her clothing style may well be yours if you are of that height.

Tala is the epitome of chic, from the top of her glossy dark gold head to the tip of her tapering shoes. Hailing from Vienna Austria, Miss Birell is the envy of women, and the acme of Dame Fashion’s decrees for the fall and winter of 1932 – 1933.


Above, one of the smart coats of the season is worn by Tala Birell, in old French blue cloth, with epaulet effect broad shoulders, bell sleeves and a fitted line. Large bone buttons close it at the side. The blue felt droops fetchingly on one eye ( a popular look now ).
Designed by Lamberth Williams of Willard George.


Blue crepe-back satin trims itself by reversing sides to make an informal lounging robe for Tala Birell. the sleeve fullness at the elbow is obtained through the cut rather than gathering and the five-inch wrist bands button tightly. the sandals of shiny satin match the gown.
From Bullock’s-Wilshire.

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New Movie 1932


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