1940s Womens Army Corps Fashion

The Uniforms of the WAC – Originally formed in 1942 as the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, or WAAC, and later shortened to Womens Army Corp, the WAC uniform went through several stages of development. The most recognizable item of the WACS were their ‘hobby hats’, named after WAAC director Oveta Culp Hobby, the WAC cap had a jaunty visor design,…

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1940s Military Fashion – The Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve- Glamourdaze continues its examination of uniforms worn by women serving in the American forces – in this case the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve or USMCWR . Similar to the men, but with lighter cloth, the Winter uniform of the MCWR consisted of forest green jacket, six gore skirt and long sleeve khaki skirt,…

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Avon-Guide-to-Perfect-Makeup 1

Avon Guide to Perfect Makeup Foundation

Create the Perfect Face 1946 – The beguiling camouflage make-up foundations give fresh, even color to the feminine faces of more than half of the women today – a big step forward on the past three or four years in makeup artistry. Correct make-up for the 1940s is no longer a matter of a quick dab of powder, rouge and…

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Avon Lady – Rouge and Lipstick Tips 1939

Vintage Make-up rules on eve of the 1940s – Avon, a name synonymous with the beauty regimes of millions of American women from the 1920s up to the 1960s. Avon Ladies bought the company beauty products and sold them on their own time to their neighbors, often giving beauty demonstrations too. We present to you some vintage rouge tips and…

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Pinterest Vintage Fashion Channel

Glamourdaze at One Million Monthly Views – Just a heads up to our subscribers. If you haven’t already checked it out, why not subscribe to our popular Pinterest channel. There’s dozens of boards dedicated to all the decades of fashion, from the Edwardian era to the 1980s. Thousands of archive images of vintage style, makeup and hair. Each image links…

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WW2 Women of Canada

Rarely Seen Color Photographs from the 1940s – Marking the release of our 1940s WW2 Women Memorabilia packs, here are some extraordinary color photographs which come courtesy of the Library and Archives Canada. As part of the British Commonwealth, Canadian women were serving in the forces from the outbreak of war between Britain and Nazi Germany. Here we see images…

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Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women in the 1940s

Plucky WAAF to the unfaithful harlot – It was a very different time to be a woman. On both sides of the Atlantic, conflicting messages about femininity and female sexuality were doled out by the official War Offices and subsequently spread by the media and the movie world. From the patriotic hard working WAAF, Land Girl and Rosie the Riveter…

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Sexist 1940s posters

Sexist Portrayals of 1940s Wartime Women

From Careless Talk to Loose Lips to VD – In stark contrast to the positive empowerment images of women in the 1940s, government warnings to service men to ‘keep mum’ and ‘chaste’ depicted women in time honored fashion; the female stereotype, addled of the mind, untrustworthy and ridden with venereal diseases. During the Second World War women were actively recruited to do…

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Navy Nurses Ensign Dorothy Swallen Ensign Dora Eggleston

1940’s Nurse Uniform Fashion of WW2

Dress Uniform Identification – It was the era of World War, the fight to defeat fascism across the world. While equality in the forces had a long way to go, and with the notable exception of the Soviet Armies and air forces, women were not allowed to join direct combat, there were many roles filled by women. Here we examine…

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WAVES Summer Uniform

WAVES & SPARS – 1940s Uniform Fashion

Glamour Girls of the US Navy – WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, otherwise known as WAVES brought thousands of young women in to the Women’s Reserve of the U.S Navy. They were assigned full military status, including ranks, and notably were the first to enlist African American women, albeit in the latter years of the war. WAVES earned…

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