1941 Fashion Show | AI Enhanced Technicolor Film

1941 fashion show restored with AI enhanced upscaling to 4k 60 fps. Filmed during the Blitz in 1940-41, this is a real Technicolor gem.

1940s fashion show - AI enhanced
1941 fashion show – Watch in 4k 60 fps with AI upscaling

Dresses by Edward Molyneux, Norman Hartnell, Victor Stiebel, Charles Creed, Digby-Morton, Worth, and Peter Russell. The film was part of a home front drive to highlight Britain’s ingenuity in wartime. Filmed by Jack Cardiff, who is best remembered for his beautiful Technicolor cinematography in the films of Powell & Pressburger.

It’s an amazing time capsule of wartime 1940’s fashion.

1941 Fashion Film – AI Enhanced Upscaling

AI Enhanced restoration to 4k 60 fps by Glamour Daze. Using Neural networks like frame interpolation and AI upscaling. With thanks to designers of DainApp and Topaz GigaPixel.

1940s fashion show - AI enhanced
1941 Fashion Show

The films contention as World War II entered its second dreary year was that the British fashion industry was still ticking over nicely; and one could dream in Technicolor of better days to come. The dresses featured here would have required a lot of coupons.

1940s fashion show - AI enhanced
1941 Fashion Show
1940s dresses – AI enhanced film
1940s dress – AI Enhanced film 1941

Queen Cotton 1941

Original Technicolor footage : Queen Cotton 1941. Provided by British Council film archive.
Director – Cecil Musk
Cinematographer – Jimmy Rogers
Technicolor Adviser – Jack Cardiff ( The Red Shoes, A Matter of Life and Death 1946).

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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