Women of Color – Rarely Seen Photographs

Glamour Daze looks back at some rare photographs. Beautiful sassy women of color, dating from the 1970’s back to the roaring 1920’s.

Pastel Mini Dress – 1960’s

women of color - 1960's mini dress
1960’s mini dress – Erlin Ibreck

Drum Cover Girl Erlin Ibreck, London. 1966 – James Barnor.

Rarely seen image of a chic woman of color from the 1960’s. The pastel mini-dress and faux jewelry is reminiscent of Twiggy.Her gamine look inspired a generation. The model is Erlin Ibreck. She was one of the few black models in the 1960’s enrolled at the Lucie Clayton modelling school in Manchester.
The photo journalist James Barnor, hails from Ghana. He moved to Britain and is remembered as a documentary and fashion photographer for Drum magazine.

Black Lives Captured in Rare Photographs in 1970’s Britain

Al Vanbenberg - On a good day 1975
Al Vanbenberg – On a good day 1975

The Bailey Sisters in Clapham – Neil Kenlock

The Bailey Sisters in Clapham - women of color
The Bailey Sisters – 1975

Photographer Neil Kenlock was born in Jamaica. He joined the Black Panther movement in Britain and became their official photographer, documenting social unrest and racism. The ‘keep Britain white’ graffiti, Balham, is his most remembered photograph. This image summed up life for many people of color in Britain in the late 1960’s.

Racist Graffiti in Britain in the early 1970’s

'keep Britain white' graffiti, Balham
Racism in Britain – 1972

Photographs – Eric and Louise Franck London Collection. Read original post at ArtBlart.

Women of Color in the 1920’s

It’s always a treat to come across images of women of color from the 1920’s. We’ve added some life to these faded photographs of beautiful African American women, using Deoldify.

1920's flapper - African american women
1920’s flapper – women of color
Howard University students - 1920's fashion
1920’s fashion – African American women from Howard University. Credit:Smithsonian
1920’s women of color – Photo: Eudora Welty
Women of color in the 1920’s – African American Museum
Three 1920's flappers at the beach
Women of color – Beach frolics in the 1920’s
Three stylish women of color in the 1920's
1920s flappers – women of color
Three women and an autombile in the 1920's
Three women by an automobile in the 1920’s

1940’s Women of Color – Restored Photographs

1940's women of color - Alba Barrios, Frances Silva and Lorena Eucina
Alba Barrios, Frances Silva and Lorena Eucina

Pictured in their prison-issue cardigan sweaters, dresses and perfectly coiffed hairdos. (Alba Barrios, Frances Silva and Lorena Eucinas.)

The girls were arrested in connection with the infamous Sleepy Lagoon murder in Los Angeles in 1942.
The Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee (SLDC) which included Orson Welles, fought to overturn the final sentencing of 12 men. In 1944, the state Court of Appeals reversed the 12 defendants’ convictions in People v Zammora 66 Cal.App.2d 166.

1950's women of color. All female Mexican gang
An all female Mexican gang from Los Angeles in the 1940’s

Photographed left to right are: Frances Silva, Josephine Gonzales, Juanita Gonzales, Lorena Encina, and D. Barrios.
Image : UCLA archive.

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