Spitfire Girls – AI Enhanced 1940 IWM Film

Spitfire Girls is a short tribute to the girls who built and repaired the iconic RAF fighter plane during WW2. They are the forgotten British Rosie the Riveters.

Spitfire Girls - The British Rosie the Riveters
Spitfire Girls – The British Rosie the Riveters. Original footage – IWM

The unheralded British women of WW2 who built and repaired the RAF’s iconic Spitfire.
AI enhanced film made in 1940/41. Original footage courtesy IWM.

Spitfire Girls Film – AI Enhanced Film Time Capsule

The girls who Built Spitfires – 1941. AI enhanced film

Possibly filmed around Castle Bromwich, where the Vickers-Armstrong company manufactured thousands of Spitfires during WW2.

The start of the film shows young trainees on a work break, followed by footage of Spitfire assembly.

A finished Spitfire rolls out of the hanger
A completed Spitfire leaves the hanger.

A new Spitfire is towed from the hanger at the end of the film.
During the Battle of Britain, the main Spitfire plant in Southampton was repeatedly bombed by the German Luftwaffe.
Subsequently production was removed to ‘secret’ facilities around the country. Many women worked in those facilities.

Two British Rosie the Riveters work on a Spitfire.
Two British Rosie the Riveters work on a Spitfire.

Women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary were tasked with their delivery. These women also flew more dangerous non combat missions later in the war.

Two women watch as a fully built Spitfire rolls from the hanger.
Two girls watch a completed Spitfire leave the assembly hanger.

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For an amazing archive of WW2 history, head over the Imperial War Museum IWM website. Highly recommended.

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