Women’s Football Match -Live in 1918 | AI Film 60 fps

Women’s football match filmed in England in 1918. Brought to life with AI deep learning techniques. In Color and with Sound.

ladies football match in 1918. Early film
1918 Ladies football ( soccer) match. AI enhanced film

During WW1, the phenomenon of ladies football took off in leaps and bounds. Male players being notably absent.
Munition workers, dubbed ‘munitionettes‘ formed dozens of teams and began competing to large crowds of spectators. It was a source of cheer during a very sad period of death and despair.
There was dismay expressed by some at the shocking sight of women in “shorts!”

1918 Film 4K 60 fps – Women Football Match

AI enhanced film with Sound. Women playing football in England in 1918
Who is playing in this Women’s football match in 1918 and where

The first team seeing entering the filed in white tops and dark shorts has been identified as Vickers Ladies FC of Dartford. We think the other team in white and dark tops and dark shorts is the Sterling Ladies FC of Dagenham – “The Invincibles”.
The Sterling ladies were among the best of them with 34 wins between 1917 and 1918. The location is of the match is Chalkwell Park, Southend.
Thanks to Patrick Brennan for his help. His extensive pictorial history of early women’s football is well worth a look.

As the war progressed, women’s role in society became increasingly appreciated. The skill and athletic prowess displayed by these early female pioneers is best remembered with Dick, Kerr Ladies football team. They got their name from the Dick, Kerr and Co. Ltd Munitions factory in Preston and were made up from full-time workers.). This team revolutionized the women’s game.

In 1921, in a typical example of patriarchal arrogance, the FA ruled the game “unsuitable for women”. They banned women’s teams from joining the football association until 1969.
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