Alice Guy – Dancing Seamstresses 1907 – AI Enhanced

An edit of a 1907 Alice Guy Blaché film “The Irresistible Piano“. AI enhanced to produce possibly the oldest ever music video

Alice Guy - Dancing Seamstresses 1907
Alice Guy – Dancing Seamstresses 1907

Alice Guy-Blaché was a pioneer film director and one of the few women working in the movies,

Her story begins in 1885, after she attended an early Lumiere film presentation. Alice was a secretary working for a certain Léon Gaumont. He manufactured cameras.
She convinced her boss to purchase a Lumiere Cinématographe and to allow her to shoot a film.

The Gaumont Film Company was born and the rest is motion picture history.

AI Enhanced Alice Guy Film – Dancing Seamstresses 1907

Dancing Seamstresses 1907

The plot revolves round a musician in an apartment building who’s pounding piano triggers a dance jamboree. We tried piano tunes of the era. Even Ragtime. A juxtaposition of American barn dance music to a French movie from the Edwardian era was the solution.

The result is very funny, and a little surreal.

Restored to 4k 60 fps clarity using Neural networks.

The Deep Learning Restoration Process:

Some of the deep learning AI machines like Dain, and DeOldify are freely available from the Github community.

Try the Dain App for desktop. You will need a computer with a good Nvidea graphics card, and lots of patience.

AI Upscaling Process

  1. Removed artifacts and noise.
  2. Interpolated new frames ( from 15 to 60 fps) using the DainApp, to add depth awareness
  3. Upscaled the original 480p film to 4K resolution using Topaz Video Enhance AI and Vidcoder.
  4. Added neural color using Deoldify
  5. Added music !

That’s all ! © GlamourDaze.

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