How to Paint Nails – 1960’s Nail Polish Tips

Hollywood makeup artists Ern Westmore offers some vintage nail polish tips. How to paint nails, do a quick nail repair or apply false nails.

How to paint your nails
Vintage nail polish tips – How to paint your nails correctly

Vintage Nail Polish Tips – 1960’s Film

How to paint your nails beautifully – Ern Westmore

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to do a vintage nail repair with tissue

  1. Apply polish and cover with tissue

    First, cover the nail with polish but leave a margin on either end. While polish is still wet, apply a small piece of tissue over the nail and on to the wet polish.

  2. Dissolve tissue in glass of water

    When absolutely dry, dip in a glass of water and wash away excess tissue, that is not sealed to the nail. This will leave a nice feather edge. This will dissolve and disappear as you apply more polish.

  3. Apply several coats of polish

    If it needs more strength, apply another layer of tissue. Then to further strengthen it, you must always apply a further five or six coats of polish.

How to fix a broken nail – the modern way

How to fix a broken nail - the modern way
Ashli TV

Ashli TV tried the vintage method with the tissue, and it was a bit of a disaster. So she demonstrates in her video, several modern methods. You can use a teabag, a silk teabag, or her preference – a fiberglass nail wrap.

Vintage Nail Tricks

How to paint your nails perfectly

How to apply nail polish
How to apply nail polish

If you want to prevent nail polish from running into the cuticle, always apply the first stroke down the center of the nail. This gets rid of the excess polish on the brush and you can then paint a clean line around the nail without any mess.

Perfect nail polish - the vintage way
Perfect nail polish – Image:London School of Fashion

How to prevent Nail Polish Chipping

While still wet, swipe the polish off the tip of your nail with a tissue. Now if you’re in a hurry and need to set and firm your polish, just put your fingers into a bowl of ice water for a minute or two. The perfect quick home manicure.

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