Swimwear and Fashion Trends of 1940

Esther Fernández modelling 1940s swimwear.
Esther Fernández relaxes by the pool – Fashion Trends of 1940

Lush technicolor Hollywood swimwear and fashion trends of 1940. Filmed in Arizona and New Mexico. The film features several young new Hollywood actresses modelling dresses, evening dresses, suits, swimsuits and summer sportswear.

1940s Swimwear and Fashion Film – 4K 60fps

A group of girls sunbathe in swimsuits

Actresses seen fashion modelling are Mary Martin, Martha O’Driscoll, Margaret Hayes, Virginia Dale, and new Latin star Esther Fernández.

1940s bolero and skirt
Bolero jacket and skirt. Fashion Trends of 1940

Key clothing Styles in this film

1940s Swimsuits. Bolero Jacket. Cocktail Dress (1940).Pant Suit and Hair Turban.
Playsuit (1940s) Skirt and Bolero (1940) Cotton Embroidered Dress – South American style (1940) Tailored Skirt Suit. Blue Reefer Jacket (1940)

1940s Pant suit with hair turban. 1940s Playsuit
1940s Pant suit with hair turban. 1940s Playsuit

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