1950s One Minute Daily Beauty Routines


It Only takes a Minute – 60 Second Beauty Rituals from 1954 –   Diana Day – the beauty editor for Woman in 1954 shares some invaluable basic 1950s beauty tips for maintaining a beautifully feminine complexion. FOLLOW these simple 60 second steps daily and your reward will be everlasting loveliness. One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips …

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1950’s Makeup Tips | Be a Beautiful Woman

1950s foundation makeup

Vintage 1950’s makeup tips from American Beauty, a 1950’s era beauty and hair styling guide. Beautiful lips, eyes, and face’ 1950’s Makeup Tips For a woman, every new season is a time for renewal. Winter is no different, and is an ideal time for you to bring out your warm inner feminine beauty. ( ed …

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1950’s Makeup – 9 Steps to a Party Face

1950’s Evening Make-up Tutorial for Teenagers – Acclaimed beauty columnist Helen Temple shares a simple guide to evening glamour for teenagers in 1954. Is this your first real grown up party season? Then follow these nine steps to a lovely, long lasting make-up. Even if you aren’t a beginner, you may find my tips a …

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1950s Style Make-up Application

1950s Style Make-up Application – What is beauty, glamour and charm? This was a question that many women in the 1950s asked themselves. Make-up & Beauty – 1950s guides contains two entertaining and beautifully restored and illustrated make-up and beauty manuals from the early 1950s. As in the 1940s, the magic word was Glamour. Learn …

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Vintage 1950’s Eye Makeup Glamour Tips


1950s Eye makeup Glamor Tips. as seen in a 1954 Coty Advertisement. 1950s eyebrow and eyeliner tip. Outlining the brows and corners of your eye with an eye crayon is the first step to achieve lovelier eyes. Flattering pencil lines help to curve the eyelids upwards – eyebrows wide and high. 1950s eyeshadow tips. Apply …

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1950’s Makeup- Lovely Lips Masterclass.

1950s-lips - makeup - -masterclass

1950’s Make-up Fashion – Lovely Lips masterclass. Adapted from Make-up & Beauty – Vintage 1950’s Make-up Guides. Available for instant download from Vintage Make-up Guide.com See our other great 1950’s Make-up fashion posts: 1950’s make-up Fashion Tutorials 1950’s Woman does her Make-up Film Get the Mad men Look Hazel Bishop – 1950’s Stay on Lipstick …

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Make-up History – Hazel Bishop’s 1950’s Stay-on Lipsticks

Make-up History – Hazel Bishops Stay-on Lipstick . The First Permanent lipstick invented by a forgotten genius. When you think of make-up innovations, you immediately call to mind Max Factor, and rightly so. He did after all invent lip gloss. Lip make-up was until after World War Two, still considered a beauty accessory, rather than …

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