1950s One Minute Daily Beauty Routines

It Only takes a Minute – 60 Second Beauty Rituals from 1954 –



Diana Day – the beauty editor for Woman in 1954 shares some invaluable basic 1950s beauty tips for maintaining a beautifully feminine complexion.

FOLLOW these simple 60 second steps daily and your reward will be everlasting loveliness.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Eyes.


a.Brighten eyes each morning with cold water splashings; an invaluable tonic for both eyes and lids.
b.Soothe your eyes twice a week with an eye lotion bath – tepid water in an egg cup.
c.Groom your lashes by gently brushing upwards using a brush and warm water for mascara. Add a sparkle with a trace of vaseline on lids and lower lashes.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Mouth


a. Freshen each morning with a mouthwash, after brushing teeth and gums with firm down strokes for upper teeth, up strokes for lower teeth.
b.Smooth and soften lips by patting in skin food
c. Spend a precious minute harmonizing lipstick with dress colour.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Brow


a.Tweeze straggling eyebrows into a neat, natural line two or three times a week;
b.Smooth fatigue lines away at night with a rich skinfood, massaged upwards and outwards to the hairline.
c.Comb brows upwards when making-up, and run comb lightly along upper edges to shape them into a flattering frame for the eyes – emphasise with pencil.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Neck


a.Massage with a nourishing skinfood ( emollient), starting at base of throat and working in an upward direction; a sixty second treatment each night will pay beautiful dividends to your long term loveliness.
b.To prevent double chin complex – Friction each and every morning – slapping vigorously upwards with a flannel saturated in cold water and then pressed flat.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Hands


a.Soften hands with a lubricating cream massaged thoroughly into the backs, palms and wrists at night.
b. spend one minute working cream into your cuticles.

One Minute Beauty Makeover Tips – Feet


a.Cosset them, because happy feet mean a quick, light step in your favorite heels. Cut toe nails straight across – regularly.
b.Pumixe your soles and heels
c.Pamper after your bat with a methylated spirit. Rub and dust with talc.

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