The Pin-up Project


Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto – In this exclusive interview for Glamourdaze, Brazilian pin-ups Renata Candido and Karla Stevanatto, also known by their nicknames Chubby Pinup and Gia RedHot, tell us the story of the project that has been revolutionized retro market in Brazil. Six months ago, the Brazilian photographic market gained a …

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Pin Up! The Movie – The All American Girl

Reclaiming the art of the Pin up – We all know the style! – pin curls, wiggle dresses, 1940s era bullet bras, seamed stockings, cat-eyed make-up and redder than red lips! The recent explosion of interest in vintage fashion – in particular the era spanning from the 1930s to the 1950s has brought with it …

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Vintage Sunglasses – The Coolest Fashion Accessory


Brief History of Sunglasses in Fashion – By the 1930’s, basking in the sun had become such a norm, that the wearing of sunglasses naturally became a real fashion accessory. We explore the history of sunglasses through  the 20th century. The classic tortoise shell framed and tinted sunglasses of the 1930’s were worn by many …

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