1950s Style Make-up Application

1950s Style Make-up Application –

What is beauty, glamour and charm? This was a question that many women in the 1950s asked themselves.
Make-up & Beauty – 1950s guides contains two entertaining and beautifully restored and illustrated make-up and beauty manuals from the early 1950s.

As in the 1940s, the magic word was Glamour. Learn the makeup tricks as tought by beauty gurus to women across post war America. Lets face it -1950s women have cast a spell that still reaches out to women now through the iconic looks of stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Sophie Loren. It was the true era of haute couture and the decade when the beauty culture reached its maturity.

Learn the Ten Steps to Glamour;

1.How to wake up feeling gorgeous.
2.How to got to bed feeling glamorous,
3.How to maintain a feminine look that says you are a woman of the 1950’s and proud of your female power.
4.1950s contouring secrets.
5.Prepare your intimate loveliness
6.The 1950s makeup secret – eye marking
and many more little nuggets of delight that will take you make to the boudoirs and bedroom mirrors of those ever dreaming girls
of the 1950s post war boom.
Treat yourself or your best girl friend to Makeup & beauty – 1950s Guides
If you are interested in other vintage makeup eras – then you’re in luck !
You can also get the massive Vintage Make-up Guide Bundle, which includes all the 1920s 1930s,1940s and 1950s guides. A real bargain!

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