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Vintage 1950’s makeup tips from American Beauty, a 1950’s era beauty and hair styling guide. Beautiful lips, eyes, and face’

1950’s Makeup Tips

1950's makeup tips
American Beauty – 1950s makeup tips

For a woman, every new season is a time for renewal. Winter is no different, and is an ideal time for you to bring out your warm inner feminine beauty. ( ed these simple 1950s makeup  tips come in that languid romantic language of the era)

1950’s Makeup – Eyes

1950’s makeup – Image: London School of Fashion

Light eyes? Dark eyes?
Eyes so beautiful that if you had to choose between them it would be an unhappy task, for who would not be moved to see tears cloud those eyes you had passes by?
But don’t fret, Mademoiselle Blonde or Madame Brunette. If you make up your eyes with care, yours too can shine as brilliantly as those of the beauties shown here.

1950's eye makeup for blonde hair
1950s-American-Beauty-Guide – eye makeup for blonde hair

Mademoiselle Blonde uses blue eyebrow pencil and shapes a hollow triangle at the outer corners of her eyes. this gives the illusion of larger eyes. False lashes, which have been applied carefully one by one and which stay on place for two or three weeks, also add depth to your glance!

1950s eye makeup - blonde or brunette
1950s eye-makeup application

Since applying false eyelashes is not easy to do yourself, you probably prefer the equally effective technique of carefully brushing blue mascara to your own lashes. This accentuates their graceful up-curl and gives them body. Your lids should wear a film of midnight blue, star dusted, with the eyeshadow following the line of the up-swept brows.

1950s eye makeup - brunette
1950s eye makeup – brunette

Madame Brunette should emphasize her eyes with a black line which, on the upper lid, extends a fraction beyond the eye line toward the nose. This line should run along the lid and thicken until it rises beyond the outer corner to sweep upward in a sharply defined wing. Your lids echo this upward movement with green-blue eyeshadow applied in a rising flare. your lashes then should be stroked with black mascara applied first to the upper, then the lower side of the lashes.

1950’s Makeup – Lips

1950s makeup tips - lipstick
1950s-American-Beauty-Guide-Lip rouge application

Your lips are just as important to beauty as your eyes. Eyelids lowered discreetly are a veil masking your thoughts. They suggest modesty, shyness, reserve – or in moments of fear, panic, suspense or stress they can screen from others your inner turmoil. But your mouth with lips exposed – vulnerable, quickly betrays your true character and feelings. It says that you are happy or sad, timid or ambitious, strong or weak, introvert or extrovert.

1950's lipstick
1950s makeup tips – lipstick

However, if you become skilled in the art of sketching a new mouth or artfully camouflaging the old one you not only make yourself more beautiful but more secretive and mysterious as well.
When you begin to “paint yourself a pretty mouth” be sure that you use a lip brush rather than applying the color by direct contact of lipstick itself. The final result is quite startlingly better if a girl uses a brush!

1950s makeup tips - lipstick
1950s makeup – lipstick

Make sure your arm is well supported against your dressing table and that your little finger rests firmly against your chin. This permits the flexible operation of the other fingers which manipulate the brush.

The quickest and most satisfactory results are achieved by first sketching the outline of your mouth then filling in the rest with clean, deft strokes.
Above all, experiment with as many shades and textures of lip rouge until you discover the one that will most truly give you “the most beautiful mouth in the world!”

1950’s Makeup – The Face

Making up the face is equally as important, perhaps more so than accentuating the eyes and lips.
Your first consideration should be the texture of the skin. Cut all fats and starches to the bare minimum. These are the real trouble-makers, and such skin blemishes as pimples, blackheads, large pores and whiteheads, are often caused by a high fat or high carbohydrate diet. Keep your protein intake high if you would have a naturally lovely skin of rich, luminous texture.

1950s makeup - foundation tips
1950s makeup tips – foundation
1950s foundation makeup
1950s foundation makeup

Next, cleanse it thoroughly. Rinse it just as thoroughly, and use ice as an astringent – never use any containing alcohol. See that it is radiantly glowing before you apply your makeup foundation.

This foundation should be your single biggest spend, as far as your makeup bag goes. It is hugely important that you do not slap on any old glob. Go to your nearest makeup counter and try out the testers for the most expensive foundation. Apply them ever so lightly and if the foundations demonstrate immediate and complete coverage of your skin – leaving a velvet texture, then you are on the right track.

Never dally with the sponge, otherwise you’ll end up with a piebald effect. Also don’t forget the neck, and above all do not let any line of demarcation show at the hairline.

Your 1950s rouge should be be shaded from the left of the eye at the temple downward to just below the outward side of the cheek bone. It is most important that the shade of your rouge be in perfect harmony with that of your lipstick.

Finally – powder, but do not flour your face. many salons advocate this, but less is always more.
Always use two shades of the same brand of powder to contour and accentuate your best features, whilst minimizing your less perfect features.

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