Ode to the Sweater – Part Deux


More Free Patterns and more sweaters – Free to download – a classic 1939 sailor jumper pattern; a must-have for the summer ! The pattern is called Chic Ahoy – a jumper with a nautical air . Just click on image or link to download the pdf to your device. This one comes via Vintage …

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Vintage Shoes for Women

American Duchess shoes 1920s

Quality Vintage Shoes for Women By Alexandria Cannito for Glamourdaze Find quality vintage shoes from your favorite fashion era. Victorian, Edwardian to the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Introduction Vintage shoes not only turns heads, but are unique in their own right. So whether you’re hunting for 1920’s flapper shoes, or 1930’s style shoes or 1940’s …

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1940s Fashion – The Hattie Carnegie Story


Profile of an American Fashion Icon 1945 – With a “look”, a little suit and a knowledge of all the angles, Hattie Carnegie has risen from poverty to be absolute boss of a $6,500,000 dress business. Nobody has ever been able to define style to the satisfaction of anybody else. It might be called a means …

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1930s Fashion – Vogue Summer Pattern Book


Coolly and Colorfully yours – June-July 1936 – June-July Evening Dresses 1936 We thought of Saturday night dances and twilight roof-garden dining when we chose these deliciously simple summer evening dresses. Haven’t they the Vogue look about them – in their clear cut lines, and their new fashion points? First we must tell you about …

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The True Story of the Debut of Nylon Stockings


The Nylon hosiery sensation of 1940 The story of how Nylon stockings shook the fashion world. Who created Nylons and the seismic impact they had on women. Up to 1940, the most a woman could expect of a three threaded silk stocking was about 150 hours of wear. A glamorous two-thread stocking might, with luck, …

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1930s Fashion – Shoe & Hosiery Styles for 1936


June styles in Hollywood heels – Firstly, no summer season pair of heels is complete without a pair of extra fine gauge stockings. Try these silk stockings from Sears Roebuck. With fashionable seams and French heels, they look good in any pair of shoes. Heels, this season are news ! Spike heels are out. A …

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