Ode to the Sweater – Part Deux

More Free Patterns and more sweaters –


Free to download – a classic 1939 sailor jumper pattern; a must-have for the summer !
The pattern is called Chic Ahoy – a jumper with a nautical air .
Just click on image or link to download the pdf to your device.
This one comes via Vintage Pattern Files, originally uploaded by Miss Rayne of the sadly departed Vintage Chic blog.
The example was made by Anne Lewin and found at Ravelry, a very good free site for knitters and crocheters. You can also find yarn suggestions there.


Also we’re giving away this lovely Patons Angora wool jumper pattern from 1942. Click on image or links to download the pdf.

As an appendage to our earlier post Ode to the Sweater, we’ve added some of our favorite sweater images – mostly modeled by actresses.

The Suse Sweater

Loretta-Young a big fan of Susan Dennenberg sweaters, sporting the popular Jezebel bleeding heart motif sweater

A name now largely forgotten except to ardent knitters is Susan Dannenberg. By the time Life magazine covered her in 1947 she had already ratcheted up a stellar customer list of Hollywood actresses as customers including Barbara Stanwyck and Loretta Young, seen above wearing one of her designs – the popular Jezebel sweater.

Suse Sweater-1947 poodle applique – photo Nina Leen
Suse-Sweater-1947 – Nina Leen

The Suse ( pronounced Suzy) sweater sported signature felt applique designs such as bleeding hearts, buzzing bees and poodles , which distract the attention from the shape of the wearer. Even if you can knit – you could grab a little flet and try sewing on your own design on toy our favorite top.

June Haver wearing a sporty sweater-and-pants- circa 1940s
1940s bullet brassiere and sweater – Ava Gardner
1950s sweater girls Gina Lollobrigida and Sophie Loren
1960s-sweater-girls Ann-Margret-and-Jane-Fonda
Jaclyn-Smith-and-Sears---1970s - sweater-fashion
The 1970s Turtleneck Sweater – Jaclyn-Smith and Sears catalog
1970s-sweater-college girl
1970s-sweater-college girl
The Avengers girls – Emma-Peel-and-Purdey-Sweaters
Rita-Moreno—sweater-girl -Photo by Loomis Dean
Barbara Bates


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Suse Sweater Images courtesy Life Magazine

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