Clara Bow’s Boudoir in 1930

A sneak peek inside the boudoir of a screen legend –

In true Hollywood fashion, Clara Bows boudoir oozes with femininity.The silent movie “It Girl” star, wearing a gorgeous pair of silk and lace embroidered pajamas, poses in her private boudoir in 1930.


Miss Clara Bow relaxes on her bed, which is raised on a dais and covered with a throw of thick ruck rose brocade.


Behind Miss Blow you can see a chest of drawers, and just out of sight is a dressing table and writing desk all in old ivory. The drapes are of antique rose brocade, but the window curtains are of lightly ruffled wisps of maize chiffon, bringing a splash of eternal sunshine into her room. An imported crystal chandelier hangs from the center ceiling.


Miss Bow stands in the arched doorway leading to her dressing room. Rose brocaded curtains, edged with chiffon ruffles and caught back with velvet bands, drape the entrance. The wardrobe is concealed by sliding doors. The carpet is of a very pale and warm shade of mulberry.

That’s all !
Photography by Don English

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