Vintage Shoes for Women

Quality Vintage Shoes for Women

By Alexandria Cannito for Glamourdaze

Find quality vintage shoes from your favorite fashion era. Victorian, Edwardian to the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s.


Vintage shoes not only turns heads, but are unique in their own right. So whether you’re hunting for 1920’s flapper shoes, or 1930’s style shoes or 1940’s shoe styles, some opt to shop at their favorite modern fashion outlets. We recommend American Duchess. Formally known as Royal Vintage Shoes.

Left: Evelyn Oxfords in the 1920s or 30s Right: Evelyn Oxfords created by American Duchess

Imagine walking into your neighborhood secondhand store, on the hunt for a vintage item you can add to your wardrobe. Isle after isle, sifting through clothes and accessories, the search for that perfect classic addition isn’t always easy to find.

And then there it is, the unique item you’ve been searching. While some people enjoy showing off their authentic vintage finds, others are looking for that fresh out of the box item that embodies a classic look. I suppose that’s how Lauren and Chris Stowell and Abby Cox came across the idea for American Duchess Historical Footwear.

1940’s Vintage Shoes for Women

1940s Royal Vintage shoes
Slingback or pumps ? Get the perfect 1940’s shoes to match your 1940’s dress.

American Duchess challenges you to ditch the thrift store digging and step into the past with new shoes. Inspired by old department-store advertisements, Stowell and Cox are successfully recreating the glamour and practicality of the 1920s, 30s and 40s through shoes.

1930’s Style Shoes for Women


Both women have extensive knowledge in historical wear, allowing them to bring the most accurate replication of historic shoes to life. Before creating their “Claire” oxfords, the pair found an original early 1940s “Academy Girl” oxford in their study archive, serving as a model for their take on the classic look.

1920’s Flapper Style Shoes and Boots


From flapper and freedom inspired 1920’s shoes, to the playful 1930’s shoes and pragmatic women’s shoes of the 1940’s , American Duchess shoes brings to life looks that died with their decade. Revive history while being the life of any party!

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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