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Hollywood hopefuls beauty tricks –


Romance these days depends pretty much on a girl’s ability to use the right cosmetics! She captures the imagination with her eye shadow, holds it with her lipstick.


To that, the Wampas Baby stars for 1934 chorus “Yes!” You’ll see them in Kiss and Make-up 1934, starring Cary Grant and Genevieve Tobin, and are ready to march straight up the road to stardom. And they know that means guarding their looks. Stressing them. Putting more into their personality as they go along. Starting in 1922 the WAMPAS Baby Stars is a unique campaign from the United States Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers, which picks thirteen young hopeful actresses each year whom they believe may be future stars. Some notable successes include Ginger Rogers, Joan Blondell, Ruth Hall, Mary Astor, Clara Bow and Loretta Young !

Why don’t you go along too? Not to stardom necessarily, but to that goal of every woman – a beauty that attracts romance.

Here is what the Baby stars are doing – and they’re not going about it in a haphazard fashion! First comes the daily tubbing. Every girl knows by this time that internal and external cleansing is the real foundation for beauty. Doctors will tell you it is essential to health. The body throws off a certain amount of poisons through the pores, especially during the hot months. The best way to eliminate them and to have that clean feeling is to take a cool shower in the morning and a quick rub-down. At night take a warm bath, not hot; sprinkle in your favourite bath salts and rest in it for twenty minutes or so. Then dust your body down with a sweet scented powder to match your perfume. This insures maximum daintiness. It lays the groundwork for loveliness.


The starlets I found have a simple method of regulating the system. Very inexpensive – and extremely effective. They take a whole grapefruit, wash it and cut it up in a pan. Then they pour a quart of boiling water over it and let it stand for half a day. Afterwards, they drain off the juice, chill it and drink a glass of it before lunch and another before dinner. Those summer miseries, red blotches and horrid blackheads really will vanish before such treatment.

Wampas Baby Star Daily Beauty Routine


Said one of the youngest of the girls Ann Hovey ” The start-at-seventeen to take care of your skin is the smart thing to do. I know. It’s made all the difference in the world in my complexion since I began giving myself facials. It doesn’t take long either. I can do it in five minutes now since I use that new cream that dissolves into the pores the instant it touches the face. After I use it in the morning I pat on a skin freshener that’s like a nice cool facial bath and I wind up with foundation cream as the base for my make-up so that it won’t melt off me when I go out in the hot sun – and it prevents my nose from peeling too, which is great! Then before I retire at night, you can bet I use a cream with nourishing oils in it, particularly around my eyes and between my eye-brows to erase any squint lines!”

Max Factors Beauty Advice to Wampas Stars


These are some of the tips I’ve been giving this new crop of Hollywood hopefuls.
1. Be careful not to rouge too near the nose
2. Practice holding your head so that you get the best angle on your chin. Tipping your head forward and raising the eyes makes some look soulful and others look sad! Lifting your chin high may make you look cute or defiant. This is something you have to judge for yourself before the cameras judge you !
3. If you have a large mouth you can make it appear smaller by deepening the red in the center and lightening it towards the edges and using none at the corners.

That’s all !
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Original report 1934 Hollywood
Editors note. The year 1934 turned out to be the final year of the Wampas Baby stars showcase.

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