140 Years of Parisian Cafe Culture

Carousel Film Tribute to Paris – Anaïs Nin -“Paris intimate like a room.” Stills and Stories and a video tribute to Paris. Carousel – 140 Years of Parisian Cafe Culture – 1877 to 2015 Think of France, and you think of Parisian cafe’s, the Belle Epoch era, the paintings of Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas and Renoir, who first evoked into image…

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1940s War fashion – Liquid Stockings

New Leg makeup replaces nylon hosiery – 1940s fashion report for Glamourdaze The Girl in this picture has solved a problem. She has just completed a perfect make-up job on her bare legs. If she watches her step, keeps out of dirt and puddles, takes lukewarm showers ( but no baths ), these “liquid stockings in a bottle” she has…

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Celebrating Nina Leen – Life Photographer

Exhibition of her surreal and glamorous world – New York art gallery Daniel Cooney Fine Art are launching a unique and I must say ‘overdue’ exhibition of that unique photographer Nina Leen – on March 26th which will run till May16th. Her often conceptual and surreal work should easily fetch the same attention of contemporary photographers like Cindy Sherman, though…

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100 + Years of College Girl Fashion

A photographic trip back through time – College girl fashions are an often overlooked source of both style and female trends.Whether they start in the schools or have been adopted over the years from fashion periodicals, young women heading to college in 2015 may well be putting as much effort in to their style and attitude as they will be…

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Vintage Black Glamour 5-Carmen-De-Lavallade---Prima-Ballerina

Vintage Black Glamour – A Visual History

Rare Images of trail blazing women of the 20th century – Just when I thought I’d pretty much dug up what little there was to be found in photos of beautiful influential women of colour – a new book – Vintage Black Glamour by blogger and author Nichelle Gainer has unveiled some never before seen photographs of black women actresses,…

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Photobooth Women – 1900s to the 1970s

Photobooth selfies of women from 1900s to the 1970s- The first self portrait vending machine or “photobooth” was introduced back in 1883 by a Percival Everett. By the early Edwardian era – photobooth selfies had become quite a craze. They were commonly found at sea resorts. The first set of images found by Walter Plotnick is a touching collection of selfies by a young…

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The Photographed Woman – 1909 in Virginia USA

Rare photograph portraits from Rural America in 1909-1912 Hundreds of female portraits made by an itinerant photographer named Hugh Mangum, who rode the trains to the small towns of North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia in 1909. They’re notably unusual for the period by their informal and lighthearted style. Source – Duke University Library via Glamour Daze

1910 Fashion Images – Les Createurs de la Mode

Photographs from Paris fashion houses in 1910 – Time Travel back to March 1910 – as the ladies of society from Paris, London and New York pay their annual pilgrimage to the fashion salons of Paris to choose the coming seasons wardrobes. These beautiful images from Les Createurs de la Mode bring back to life the women who both made…

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1910s Fashion – The World’s First Fashion Photo shoot.

April 1911 saw the first cited 20th Century fashion photo shoot – and some of it in color! – Fashion History from Glamourdaze.com – 1910s Fashion – The World’s First Fashion Photo shoot. The Spring collection from the then hugely famous Paul Poiret was published by the French magazine “Art et Decoration” in an article called L’Art de la Robe (…

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Color Photos of Parisian Women – 1930s and 1940s

A selection of Parisian women from a recently published selection of photos – taken by French photographer Andre Zucca. Though not a card carrying Nazi, he was quite happy to sell his photos taken with rare Agfacolor film, to the German magazine Signal. After the liberation of Paris he was arrested but never charged. He spent the remainder of his…

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