house of foxy 20s inspired dresses

1920s Inspired fashion – House of Foxy

The New Vintage Collection – If you’re a girl with a flair for being a flapper, you’re going to adore the new collection of 1920s inspired dresses from our friends at House of Foxy and all made in Great Britain ! For all fans of House of Elliot and Downton Abbey. 20s Garbo Flapper Dress – blue velvet This dress…

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1940s Fashion – A Day in the Life of a Model

A day with a 1940’s fashion model – And now let’s drop in to the house of England’s number one glamour girl Joan Richards. A 1940’s fashion model, who turns her charm and ability into a business. Joan has a long and busy day ahead, splitting her modelling duty between giving shows for the troops. The telephone rings during breakfast;…

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Vintage 1920s Shoe Fashion on Film

Pathe news focus on 1920s shoe style – 1920s Shoe Fashions on Film, courtesy of Pathe Films. Once upon a time, fashion shows were more or less dress hows. In 1929, a 1920s shoes eye view to beauty is important enough to require a special show of its own as we are treated to three pairs of legs parading the latest…

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A Short History of Women’s Dress Sizes

Ever wondered why a size 12 is called a size 12?  – Kass McGann of Reconstructing Explains – Dress sizing is certainly confusing!  I mean, a man’s jacket size 42 fits a man with a chest measurement of 42″.  Jeans sized 36/32 fit a waist of 36″ and an inseam of 32″.  But what measurement on a woman’s body…

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1950s British Fashion Show in Color 1951

An Evening of Fashion – Savoy Hotel London 1951 Pathe fashion newsreel in luscious color. Includes an exclusive peek backstage during the show. Let’s join the stars, celebrities and Britains top fashion designers. The occasion, a mannequin parade with a difference. Beginning beautifully by this Worth model Rolande, exhibiting this banana coloured facecloth dinner dress, heavily embroidered in topaz, pearls…

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1940s Fashion – Liquid Stockings for Summer

Sheer Stocking Solution in 1940 – When the temperature warms, a woman has three choices when it comes to leg beauty: stockings ( cotton, silk, or the new Nylon); she can go bare legged, or she can paint on a variety of cosmetic liquid stockings. Above are a comparison. To the male eye a pair of pretty, well groomed legs…

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Competitive Swimsuit Styles in 1944

Life visits Lake Shore Swim Team Chicago 1944 Very few cities get as searingly hot in summer time as Chicago does. Even fewer cities have as many swimming facilities. More than 40 Outdoor public swimming pools and 15 Indoor. All summer long Chicago becomes one vast city of bathers trying to beat the heat and if you are a 1940s…

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Two summer gowns by Joan Crawford in 1931

1930s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Frocks 1931

Hollywood sets the 1930s mode – Lilyan Tashman‘s Style Lovely Lilyan Tashman starts off our little fashion show with these two stunning outfits. Left: Miss Tashman in a spectator sport costume of dust blue and white. Over a frock of dust blue roma crepe, bound with silk braid at the hem, Miss Tashman wears a sports jacket of white suede….

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1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film -ivan besse

Street fashion in the 1930’s – Archive film

The 1930’s Sartorialist – Ivan Besse. Did New York’s Scott Schuman – better known as The sartorialist – perfect the art of time travel? This rare film showing the vintage dress and hairstyles of ordinary women on the street in the 1930’s certainly qualifies as a sartorial. Filmed by Ivan Besse in the small South Dakota town of Britton in…

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Charlotte and Jane – Irish vintage fashion house

1940s and 1950’s retro inspired Spring Summer clothing collection from Ireland. Continuing our current Irish flavour for vintage fashions, and following up on our wonderful find of an archive color fashion film of Sybil Connolly from 1957, we’re taking a quick peek at this years Spring Summer Collection 2012 from Charlotte & Jane, the Kinsale based bespoke fashion house run…

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