1950s British Fashion Show in Color 1951

An Evening of Fashion – Savoy Hotel London 1951

Pathe fashion newsreel in luscious color. Includes an exclusive peek backstage during the show.


Let’s join the stars, celebrities and Britains top fashion designers. The occasion, a mannequin parade with a difference.


Beginning beautifully by this Worth model Rolande, exhibiting this banana coloured facecloth dinner dress, heavily embroidered in topaz, pearls and diamante.

Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers Norman Hartnell with president Lady Rothermere.

A distinguished audience pays close attention to the show, including actor Dennis price as well as fashion designer and chairman of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers Norman Hartnell seen here with president Lady Rothermere.


If winter comes, can winter be faraway? Here’s Carol in a Charles Creed suit for 1951. Slim skirt tapering to a narrow hemline, the hips emphasised by a three quarter length peplum jacket.


Designer Norman Hartnell casts a discerning eye over a Digby Morton three piece tailored suit in wool jersey.


Next is a Worth check or is it plaid coat worn over a navy wool dress. It fits the bill admirably.


One of the worlds most famous – model Dolores Joyce, in her 3000th fashion parade, models this stunning Norman Hartnell ensemble.


It’s a non stop parade of high fashion in fine fabrics and now it’s the turn of Joyce wearing a Victor Stiebel wrap over coat. The day dress underneath is in light wool to match, the softly folded skirt wrapped over at the back.


Mere man shouldn’t be too enthusiastic thinks Dennis Price, but who could fail to be excited at Jean Masons outfit designed by Michael Sherard.

The color of the coat is of Chinchilla Grey toning beautifully with the winter pink suit.


Next is an ensemble by Peter Russell, a stunning velour coat over suit.


Actress Valerie Hobson, one of Britain’s leading ladies of fashion, looks on in delight.


Next is a winter suit with belted peplum jacket by Jo Mattli
The skirt is darted with the pleat fitting in to the belt. Worn here over a silver jersey dress. The hat is designed by Geoff.


Next we see the girls being made over behind the scenes in a well rehearsed routine. As any woman will tell you, poise is believing that you are looking your best.

15-1950s-british-fashion-show-in-color-1951-elizabeth-hamilton-in-a-Mattli coat

Model Elizabeth Hamilton, who is modelling for Mattie tonight seen here doing a quick change, will tell you that it can be gruelling work that calls for much stamina. Then out on the catwalk in another fine Jo Mattli creation.


Next Dolores Joyce displays Gilt Edge – a lovely black wool afternoon dress by Hartnell , with embroidery stretching from shoulder to hemline.


Hartnell is followed by a Charles Creed model, a very chic ensemble entitled Tu-Jour.


Pearl is duly checked of in the wings to model a lovely olive green dress by Worth.


Finally Carol in a Digby Morton ensemble – a striking three quarter length coat in Chinese blue worn over a shapely black wool dinner dress.

That’s all !
Transcription©Glamourdaze 2016
Photos by Pathe News.

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