1940s Fashion – Liquid Stockings for Summer

Sheer Stocking Solution in 1940 –

A left to right comparison – stockings, painted, and bare

When the temperature warms, a woman has three choices when it comes to leg beauty: stockings ( cotton, silk, or the new Nylon); she can go bare legged, or she can paint on a variety of cosmetic liquid stockings. Above are a comparison.


To the male eye a pair of pretty, well groomed legs is something to whistle at. To the female in these abnormal times of silk and nylon shortages, they’re an expense and a nuisance.

How much or how little to paint? The effect on the left is for a windy day. The painted seams on the right is for a calm day.

Nylon stockings cost $2.50 a pair. Cheap rayon hose are distrusted. Cotton are unflattering. Unashamed, pallid, bare legs are conspicuous and un-provocative. For this dilemma, the cosmetic industry now offers an agreeable solution – painted or liquid stockings !


“Stocking Fizz”, ” Leg Film”, “Legstick,” “Leg Show” are a few of the many dozens of liquid stocking preparations now available. When they are properly applied, the most scrutinising pair of masculine eyes cannot distinguish between legs covered and legs in sheer hosiery.


Up to this summer, the bare legged fashion was limited to resort wear. But stocking prices have risen sharply this year and more and more women are choosing to go bare legged.

A demonstration of how liquid stockings are applied

Virginia was the first state to acknowledge the emergency when the governor approved bare legs for state employees. Washington D.C ruled that bare leg make-up was for department heads to decide.

Here we have a young woman demonstrating how to achieve the full leg effect.


That’s all !
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