Find the Perfect 1920s Flapper Shoe Style to Fit

Royal Vintage Shoes for the Flapper Relive the spirit of the Jazz age and wear the perfect pair of vintage inspired shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes, to match your original vintage or retro style flapper dress. 1920s fashion was art deco style and with the rise in skirt hems, women’s legs finally made their proper debut. To match your pretty…

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Marlene Dietrich 1930---Travis-Banton

Travis Banton – When Fashion Made Hollywood

Inside Story by the famous Hollywood Costume Designer Travis Banton, and the glamorous stars he dressed, including Marlene Dietrich and Clara Bow by Judy Lang Hunt What were Hollywood’s leading ladies really like? Reminisces from one of the great Hollywood fashion gurus Travis Banton and how he helped some of Hollywood’s most glamorous women find their style, and more so, influence…

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Colleen Moore on being a Flapper 1922

Hollywood actress says Flappers here to stay ! – by Gladys Hall – Chicago Daily News. “What normal healthy girl doesn’t like to be both smart and naughty !” Colleen Moore 1922 One day, not so very long ago, Colleen Moore and I had lunch together. I don’t suppose I ever met anybody so enthusiastic as Colleen. Even about the…

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A Course in Cosmetics by Colleen Moore 1922

The young actress shows her daily routine – Just on the verge of her success in Flaming Youth, where she played the first truly iconic screen flapper, Colleen Moore gave this little makeup tutorial to Photoplay. It was so successful that Photoplay made makeup tutorials a regular thing.  Colleen Moore’s chief screen rival Clara Bow knocked her from her perch…

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Screen Debut of the Little Black Dress 1927

IT Girl Clara Bow launches an iconic dress – It’s commonly accepted that the little black dress made it’s first appearance via Paris designer Coco Chanel in French Vogue 1926. It was listed as Chanel’s Ford Dress (named after black Model T Ford car). It was a simple sketch of a black crepe de chine day frock with a bodice which…

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Monsieur Antoine – Paris Hair Stylist 1927

Tips from Top Parisian hairdresser – 1920s hairstyle report by Agnes Smith. It isn’t Mr Antoine, nor yet Monsieur Antoine. It’s just Antoine. And that is fame ! Monsieur Antoine – the inventor of “The Shingle” is one of the reasons why girls leave home to go to Paris. the other reason, of course, is to get a divorce! In…

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Three Evening Frocks – Margaret Livingston 1926

Gamine or Robe de Style Evening dresses – Margaret Livingston is truly a city girl. Someone whose personality reflects the shimmering lure of silk, the subtle enticement of style. Dress1. The ever changing modes of fashion have glorified many types of figure over the years, but this year – the short skirt ( left) the enhancing a slim youthful figure…

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Make-up Advice to Flappers 1925

By 1920s beauty artist Violet Dare – The appropriately named “Miss Dare” dishes out makeup advice to flappers “make-up moods” and “occasion make-up”and “Make-up to Hollywood types”. Remember that most womens faces are their own fault ! They want to be beautiful, yet they so often allow themselves to be limited by what they think they were born with. They don’t…

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Iconic 1920s Hairstyle – The Pringle Shingle

Aileen Pringle‘s Mannish Bob in 1925 – Who would have thought, when bobbed hair first came into vogue, that there would be so many variations of it? The mere conventional 1920’s bob was thought dreadfully extreme. But what would have been said if the Shingle haircut of today could have been seen, particularly the closely clipped variety. To all intent and…

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A 1920s Guide to Posture for Flappers

1928 Guide to Good Posture with Julia Faye – Seven out of ten girls don’t stand, or sit correctly. Apart from being ungainly and unfeminine, it’s extremely bad for the back and arches. So girls, if you want to be noticed, study these guide photographs to learn the correct deportment for a flapper. How to stand correctly. How the well…

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