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American Duchess shoes 1920s
1920’s style flapper shoes for the Gatsby fan

American Duchess Shoes – 1920’s

Relive the spirit of the Jazz age and wear the perfect pair of flapper shoes from American Duchess shoes, to match your original vintage or retro style flapper dress.

1920s fashion was all about decorative styles. With the rise in skirt hems, women’s legs finally made their proper debut. To match your pretty 1920’s day dress, choose a pair of flapper shoes. For that fun filled night out at your nearest speakeasy jump in to a pair of t-straps.

Hollywood Favorite Footwear in 1924

Here are some of the feet of Hollywood’s biggest stars in 1924. They show individuality, style and beauty – and above all, taste and careful thought. An otherwise perfect frock can be marred by the wrong choice of shoes. And while style is essential, there must be comfort too.

Find-the-Perfect-Flapper-Shoe-Styles - Hollywood stars
  • Julia Faye: chooses cinnamon brown kids, finished with the fashionable cut steel buckle and champagne heels
  • Estelle Taylor: Black patent leather pumps, round French toes, medium French heel.
  • Viola Dana: street shoes of White kid, with conventional flower outwork and low French heel.
Find-the-Perfect-Flapper-Shoe-Styles - Colleen Moore
  • Vera Reynolds: petite and diminutive, she chooses these Pearl suede walking shoes with French heel and art-deco perforations.
  • Cecille Evans: the girl with the one hundred thousand dollar legs, chooses these formal evening slippers of brocaded silver cloth.
  • Colleen Moore: These are her favorite “comfort” shoes – brown suede sandal with medium heels.
  • Lois Wilson: French walking slippers – beige kid, trimmed with straps of coffee kid

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