Iconic 1920s Hairstyle – The Pringle Shingle

Aileen Pringle‘s Mannish Bob in 1925 –


The Shingle Haircut 1925

Who would have thought, when bobbed hair first came into vogue, that there would be so many variations of it? The mere conventional 1920’s bob was thought dreadfully extreme. But what would have been said if the Shingle haircut of today could have been seen, particularly the closely clipped variety.

To all intent and purposes the Shingle is a ‘man’s cut’


Shingle haircut 1925

The Dutch bob, which frames the head and discreetly covering her ears, in womanly fashion, is now tame by comparison. Very bizarre are some of the cuts to be seen in these days, with not an inch more of hair than absolutely necessary.


Shingle haircut – Aileen Pringle in 1925

Screen vamp Aileen Pringle’s new boyish bob has certainly turned heads in Hollywood. However unlike Leatrice Joys severe crop for her new film The Clinging Vine, Miss Pringle has chosen a more conservative route with her new shingle. She has, t’is true, brushed her hair well back over the ear ( my sainted aunt !!).

Leaving only a mannish side burn, but she has cautioned her barber to use circumspection in clipping the back, and so has retained a well rounded feminine effect, which shows off to advantage her shapely head. The bangs in front give a feminine touch that offsets the masculinity of the side view.


But the papers are already calling it ‘the Pringle Shingle‘ and it is set to be one of the more copied 1920’s bob style. Fans can see this new shingle bob to great advantage in The Reason Why.

That’s all !

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